We’re here to help.

As the Student Financial Services team, we’re more than just the go-to source for answers about financial aid, scholarships, billing and repayment. We care deeply about student success, and we’re here to help you navigate your financial journey at UVM. Whether it’s working together to create a plan for paying for school, decoding the FAFSA, or walking through scholarship requirements, our team is here for you.

You're always welcome to contact our office. For all questions, please start by emailing sfs@uvm.edu. A Student Financial Services Counselor will respond to you as soon as possible within our office hours (Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.). Here are other ways to Contact SFS.

Customer Service

Lisa Blanchet
Senior SFS Counselor
Judy Buxton 
Assistant Director of Parts of Term Program

Hannah Caterino
SFS Counselor

Terry Crowley
Assistant Director of Customer Service

Matthew Desorgher
Associate Director of Customer Service
Penny Eaton 
Customer Service Coordinator & SFS Counselor
Ryan Gates
Assistant Director of
Medical Student Financial Services
Kirsten Greenway
SFS Counselor
Martha Hinchman
SFS Counselor
Jan Hinnes
SFS Counselor
Cheryl Miller
SFS Counselor
Rebecca Monty
SFS Counselor
Susan O'Kane
SFS Counselor
Amy Schalk
Senior SFS Counselor
Donna Stevens
Assistant Director of Customer Service


Administration & Receivables 

  Renee Blanchet Howard
Assistant Director of Administration
Japheth Brubaker
Repayment Specialist

Norm Craige 
Associate Director of Receivables
& Administration

Sue Dandurand
Administration Specialist
Adrianne Gilbert 
Administration Specialist 
Sondra Jewett 
Administration & Technical Support Specialist
Joe Kozachek
Administration Specialist


Scholarships & Communications

Kim Meilleur
Associate Director of Scholarships
& Communications
Lynda Ossola
Communications Coordinator
Sam Spanierman
Scholarships & Systems Coordinator



Becky Fredericks
Information Technology Professional
Michael Fritz
Information Technology Professional
Janice Park
Information Technology Professional

Technology Team Lead
Zoey Trenkle 
Information Technology Professional



Joey Catania
Assistant Director of Compliance

Administration Assistant
Marie Johnson
Director of Student Financial Services
Shawn Leene
Business Manager