Students living on campus are billed each semester for a room, meal plan, and Inter-Residence Association fee.

Semester bills are payable to UVM Student Financial Services in August and January.

Room Rates and Styles

Residents who choose to remain on campus during academic breaks will see an additional charge on their student account after the break. Meal plans are not available during academic breaks.

Rate CategoryRoom DescriptionAcademic YearBilled per SemesterLocated in these Buildings
2023-2024 Maximum Room Rates
Private SingleSingle occupancy room; 1 person with 1 full bath$10,942$5,471University Heights North & South, Central Campus Residence Hall
Private DoubleSingle, double, or triple occupancy room including lofts and townhouses; 2-3 people sharing 1 full bath$9,720$4,860University Heights North & South
Private TripleTriple occupancy room; 3 people sharing 1 full bath$8,058$4,029University Heights North & South
Suite SingleSingle occupancy room; 4-7 people sharing 1-2 full baths$10,500$5,250University Heights North & South, Living/Learning
Suite DoubleDouble occupancy room; 4-7 people sharing 1-2 full baths$9,168$4,584University Heights North & South, Living/Learning, Hunt, McCann, Ready, Richardson, Sichel
Suite TripleTriple occupancy room; 4-7 people sharing 1-2 full baths$7,664$3,832University Heights North & South, Hunt, McCann, Ready, Richardson, Sichel
Large SingleSingle occupancy room; common hallway bath; more than 200 square feet of space$10,500$5,250Very limited number in Marsh/Austin/Tupper, University Heights North
Traditional SingleSingle occupancy room; common hallway bath$10,094$5,047Larger number in Converse, very limited number in other halls
Traditional DoubleDouble occupancy room; common hallway bath$8,756$4,378All halls except University Heights North & South, Living/Learning, Hunt, McCann, Ready, Richardson, Sichel
Traditional TripleTriple occupancy room; common hallway bath$6,934$3,467All halls except University Heights North & South, Living/Learning, Hunt, McCann, Ready, Richardson, Sichel, Central Campus Residence Hall
Quad**Quad occupancy room; common hallway bath$5,870$2,935Redstone Hall, Christie, Tupper, Harris/Millis

**Quad rooms are used to expand housing capacity when necessary. As space permits, they are converted back to triple or double rooms. When this occurs, the corresponding triple or double room rate will be charged to the remaining students on a prorated daily basis.

Offset Cost Assistance

Financial aid packages are based on the cost of a traditional double room, but we also house students in double, triple, or single rooms arranged in private, suite, or traditional-style rooms.

To allow all residents the opportunity to fully participate in all themed housing choices regardless of their financial status, we offer a discretionary housing fund to offset a portion of the higher room rates in some Learning Communities (such as University Heights and Living/Learning). Students who receive need-based assistance and are members of these programs may request offset cost assistance if:

  • They are assigned to a qualifying room that is more expensive than the standard traditional double; and
  • Student Financial Services determines the extra cost to be a financial hardship.

Eligible rooms are private singles, private doubles, suite singles, and traditional singles. Suite doubles are not eligible.

  • The offset cost assistance request form is in the housing portal, visible during specific times of the year only to residents of qualified rooms.
  • Deadline to request is the last day of add/drop each semester.
  • We're happy to offer this opportunity to our residents. Please contact us with questions.

Meal Plan Rates

2022-2023 Maximum Meal Plan Rates

160 meal entries + 900 retail points and 3 guest meals per semester



Unlimited Access + 150 points and 3 guest meals per semester



1,450 points + 25 meals per semester



*Not available to first-time, first-year students until their second semester on campus.

Inter-Residence Association Fee

A non-refundable Inter-Residence Association (IRA) fee of $30, $15 billed each semster is charged to each student to fund events, leadership development opportunities, and other campus-based initiatives as determined by residence hall councils. IRA is a campus student government organization made up of elected executive leadership and student representatives from residential complexes. Read more about IRA.

Academic Break Room Rates

2023-2024 Academic Break Room Rates
November 18-26, 2023$161 for the week, $50 for a one day early return
December 16, 2023-January 14, 2024$161 per week; $535 for all four weeks, $50 for a one day early return
March 9-17, 2024$161 for the week, $50 for a one day early return


Other Charges

Besides the expected room and meal plan charges that occur twice a year, students may sometimes see other charges on their account.


  • Fourth lockout: $25
  • Unreturned bike room key: $25
  • Unreturned room key: $55
  • Unreturned elevator key: $500



Read more here »



  • Possession of University property (including Exit Signs): $500 
  • Covered smoke detector: $500
  • Empty alcohol container, smoking/smoke: $150-$250
  • Drug paraphernalia: $150-$250



After May move-out, all student rooms are inspected by our staff, and residents may be charged for damaged/missing items, extra cleaning, or late/improper checkout.

  • Charges are billed in mid-June and appear as assigned damage on the account.
  • Assigned damage charges may be appealed. We email students in mid-June with directions on how to do that.
  • Damage appeal deadline is June 30.