Students Reflect on Lessons from Writers' Conference

Eight students stand in the Hulbert Outdoor Center in Fairlee, Vermont.

Eight students from the UVM Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources attended the Northern Woodlands Writers’ Conference at the Hulbert Outdoor Center on Lake Morey in Fairlee, Vermont on October 13, 2018.

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Taking on Chagas disease: in the field and in the lab

Biology professor Lori Stevens spends a lot of time wearing a lab coat as she sleuths out DNA sequences found in the gut of the reduviid bug, often called the “kissing bug,” which is responsible for the spread of Chagas disease, an affliction that affects 8-10 million people in Latin America.

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A tree lined street in Detroit, MI.

Why People Reject City Trees

Trees are a hallmark of vibrant neighborhoods. So why did nearly one-quarter of eligible residents in Detroit, Michigan, turn down free street trees?

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