Carbon Conundrums: Do Carbon Markets Need to Better Account for Future Forest Vulnerability to Climate Change?

Crowns of hardwood trees with leaves against sky

In a recently published commentary in Global Change Biology, New England forest researchers respond to a challenge raised by authors of a 2021 article that called for a more science-informed approach to calculating carbon reduction.

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Eight female-identifying natural resource students pose in 2 rows in front of campus building

UVM Femmes in Forestry Builds Support for Women in Natural Resource Majors

As a sophomore, Daria Etchings ’22 enjoyed her major in Forestry at the University of Vermont, but as her classes became smaller in size and more specific to forestry, she noticed fewer women in the courses and less participation from them and herself.

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A grid of images displaying headshots of each of the six Fulbright recipients

With Fulbright Awards, Faculty Seek New Knowledge Around the World

For over 75 years, the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program has supported thousands of professors, scholars, and artists from many backgrounds to research and teach overseas. Led by the U.S.

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