To Study Earth’s Critical Zone, UVM Team Wins $3.2M

Photo composite of a wildfire, waves hitting a rocky coastline, and a layer of snow atop brown grass.

Land-use change. Environmental change. Extreme natural events. Wildfires and hurricanes. All are impacting the planet’s so-called critical zone, where water, air, soil, rock and life interact.

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Bill Keeton in Austrian old-growth forest

Study: Europe’s Old-Growth Forests at Risk

Like its ancient cathedrals, Europe has a remarkable—but poorly understood—legacy of old-growth forests. These primeval landscapes, scattered on remote hillsides and forested valleys across many countries, are a “living treasure,” says University of Vermont scientist Bill Keeton.

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Person in rubber raft on pond

Rubenstein Family Fund Assists Graduate Student Researchers Impacted by COVID-19

In 2019, master’s student Sydney Diamond began studying lakes in Vermont that were impaired by acid rain in the 1950s and 1960s. She was in the middle of analyzing long-term water chemistry trends and current phytoplankton communities to assess chemical and biological recovery in these sensitive surface waters.

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