Migrant Workers Vital to Vermont Dairy Industry, Need More Social and Medical Support

Green field of black and white cows with fall colors on distant hillsides

The dairy industry is a staple of Vermont: herds of cows, rolling hills, and farming operations are still present in almost every part of the state. And yet, this idyllic picture does not reflect the full reality of dairy farming.

In the highly competitive dairy industry, milk product prices are nationally subsidized, and hiring immigrant, often undocumented, labor provides a way for...

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Graduate student wearing mask works at lab sink. A sieve contains plastic residue

Unpackaging Food Waste

More than one-third of food waste in Vermont is still packaged—a sticky situation when it comes to mandatory diversion of food waste away from landfills under the state’s new Universal Recycling Law. Act 148 banned food scraps from landfills beginning in July 2020.

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Group of Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University students and instructor in the forest

NSF-Funded Northern Forest Research Inspires New Partnership with Historically Black Southern University

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has provided continued funding for year three of a Northern Forest research project on ecosystem resilience conducted by researchers at the University of Vermont (UVM) and other northeastern institutions.

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