• Professor Ellen Marsden holding big fish with smiling students on research vessel on lake

    Applied science, hands-on courses, inspiring faculty, in an amazing location.

    The Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Program welcomes those passionate about wildlife, fish, and the state of the environment.

The Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Program focuses on the biology, ecology, and conservation of managed animal populations including those that are hunted, fished, threatened, or endangered. Students learn about and develop skills in management strategies including direct and indirect manipulation of populations and communities and their habitats.

The undergraduate four-year curriculum in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology emphasizes interdisciplinary wildlife and fisheries science and provides a background for many wildlife and fisheries-related positions. Courses focus on applied ecology and techniques for managing dynamic animal populations and communities in a changing  environment and offer hands-on experience in labs and field trips. 

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Hands-on Learning

Two students hold a goose while banding it

Wildlife and Fisheries Biology students learn by doing in field and lab courses, research opportunities, and internships. 

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Research Opportunities

Student in yellow life jacket measures length of a fish on a boat on a lake.

Wildlife and Fisheries Biology faculty and graduate students conduct research in Vermont, the region, nationally, and internationally. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to engage in research projects.

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Careers and Graduate School

Graduate holds mountain lion cub while working for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

The Wildlife and Fisheries Biology degree provides an excellent preparation for a variety of entry-level wildlife and fisheries positions, related careers, and graduate school. Program faculty help to prepare students for these positions and advise students interested in graduate school.

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