George D. Aiken Center

Rubenstein School
University of Vermont
Aiken Center, 81 Carrigan Drive
Burlington, VT 05405

Phone 802-656-2911
Fax 802-656-8683



Dean's Office

Nancy Mathews

Cameron Russell
Executive Assistant to the Dean, Dean's Office reception; Dean's calendar and support; liaison to the Board of Advisors, 802-656-1353

Sarah Sprayregen
Director of Major Gifts, School development, 802-656-3251

Jackie Bruning
Dean's Office Receptionist, 802-656-2911

Nathan Sanders
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Faculty Development, 802-656-0172

Chelsea Davidson
Assistant to the Associate Dean, Dean's Office reception; Associate Dean's calendar and support; Schedule of Courses, 802-656-4380

Marie C. Vea
Assistant Dean for Student Services & Staff Development, 802-656-3003

Rose Feenan
Assistant Dean for Business Operations, 802-656-3326


Academic Program Directors

Undergraduate Programs

Core Curriculum
Walter Poleman, 802-656-8884

Environmental Sciences
Jennifer Pontius, 802-656-3091

Environmental Studies
Brendan Fisher, 802-656-4055

Anthony D'Amato, 802-656-8030

Natural Resources
Clare Ginger, 802-656-2698

Sustainable Parks, Recreation and Tourism
Patricia Stokowski, 802-656-3093

Wildlife & Fisheries Biology
Jed Murdoch, 802-656-2912


Graduate Programs

Research-based M.S. and Ph.D.
Nancy Mathews and Nathan Sanders
Program inquiries: Carolyn Goodwin Kueffner, 802-656-2511

Leadership for Sustainability M.P.S. (low residency)
Matthew Kolan, 802-656-4333

Ecological Planning M.S.
Walter Poleman, 802-656-8884


Research Program Directors

George D. Aiken Foresty Sciences Laboratory
Aimée Classen, 802-656-9570

Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory
Jason Stockwell, 802-656-3009

UVM Research Forests
Anthony D'Amato, 802-656-8030

UVM Natural Areas
Brendan Fisher, 802-656-4055


Faculty and Staff


Information Technology

Seth O'Brien



Shari Halik, 802-656-8339



Aiken Center
Jackie Bruning, 802-656-2911

Environmental Program, Bittersweet Building, UVM Natural Areas
Brendan Fisher, 802-656-4055

George D. Aiken Forestry Sciences Lab, Spear Street
Ralph Tursini, 802-922-7926

Gund Institute, Johnson House
Nora Shahoud, 802-656-2906

Jericho Research Forest and other UVM Forests
Ralph Tursini, 802-878-2472

Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Lab
Steve Cluett; Frances Iannucci, 802-858-2153

Vermont Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
Theresa DeBarge, 802-656-3011

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