We are replacing FAMIS with a new Integrated Work Management System (IWMS) called "Planon" 

Please use this form to submit feedback to the IWMS Core Implementation Team. 

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Within our current FAMIS system --
Which features, information, data, and/or functions do you
regularly use or need, that you would NOT want to give up?

Outside of the FAMIS system --
What other methods or applications are you using to keep track of information?
and What information are you keeping track of?

(For example, do you create Excel sheets, databases, or use calendars, other software, index cards, a list tacked to your bulletin board! etc. to help you keep track of facilities, names, equipment, tasks, people, etc.? Please tell us about it!

For our NEW system --
If we could grant you one “wish” for something the new Planon system could do, what would it be?

(Okay, maybe 3 wishes. But we make no promises.)

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