The Custodial Services department is responsible for the general cleaning of the majority of campus buildings on a daily basis. Our staff provide services for over four million square feet of space in more than 140 buildings.

About Us

We are a diverse workforce that reflect the demographics of our campus community and our region. We employ 225 people representing 22 countries speaking 28 different native languages. Our teams’ efforts contribute greatly to the quality of life for students, faculty, staff, and UVM patrons alike. Our custodial staff are highly trained and skilled in using state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, technologies and solutions to accomplish our work effectively and sustainably. Learn more about Our Services. 


We provide the university with a clean, safe, and healthy environment in which to live, learn, and work.


We will lead our industry in Customer Satisfaction, Professionalism, Quality, Sustainability, Safety, and Employee Development while remaining Fiscally Responsible.

We will service our customers with the "I Care" spirit:
Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Excellence

Guided by our commitment to diversity, social justice, and Our Common Ground, we will value and embrace individual differences. Our empowered staff, continuous improvement, green initiatives, and environmental sustainability will be the measure of our success.

Core Values

Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Excellence

Staff Contact List

Custodial Leadership Team

Leadership Team
Gerald ColemanDirectorGerald.Coleman@uvm.edu802-656-3385
Guy ShaneAssistant Director & Area Manager of Academic/AdminGuy.Shane@uvm.edu802-656-9299
Mary PalinArea Manager of Residential Life/Athletics/LibrariesMary.Palin@uvm.edu802-656-9832
Paul CampoQuality Assurance CoordinatorPaul.Campo@uvm.edu802-656-1315
Caleb GilbertTraining & Development CoordinatorCaleb.D.Gilbert@uvm.edu802-656-5402


Administrative Support Staff

Administrative Support Staff
Nancy BurroughsOffice Program SupportNancy.Burroughs@uvm.edu802-656-8016
Thi NguyenOffice Program SupportThi.Nguyen@uvm.edu802-656-9457


Custodial Supervisory Staff

Administrative Support Staff
Bich DoanAcademicBich.Doan@uvm.edu802-656-4214
Carlos OliveroRes LifeCarlos.Olivero@uvm.edu802-656-9645
Domebera SomdaDavisDombera.Somda@uvm.edu802-656-5066
Edin GrbicRes LifeEdin.Grbic@uvm.edu802-656-4092
Emir CicakRecycling TeamEmir.Cicak@uvm.edu802-656-8174
Enes KorajkicRes LifeEnes.Korajkic@uvm.edu802-656-2548
Gita DhakalAcademicGita.Dhakal@uvm.edu802-656-4214
Isa LaMotheAcademicI.Lamothe@uvm.edu802-656-8038
Bhagawat PoudyelAcademicBhagawat.Poudyel@uvm.edu802-656-4214
Mediha BurazerovicRes LifeMediha.Burazerovic@uvm.edu802-656-9104
Mike Wells IIAcademicMichael.Wells-II@uvm.edu802-656-4214
Francis MabawidiRes LifeFrancis.Mabawidi@uvm.edu802-656-9104
Rob PrimAcademicRobert.Prim@uvm.edu802-656-4214
Safari PililoRes LifeMakuni.Wakahague@uvm.edu802-656-4160
Senad CicakAcademicSenad.Cicak@uvm.edu802-656-4213
Slavojka AvdibegovicAcademicSlavojka.Avdibegovic@uvm.edu802-656-4214


Staff Profile

Contact Information

Phone: 802-656-3385
Fax: 802-656-3515

Office Location

Custodial Services 
Mercy Hall, Room 006
230 Colchester Ave
Burlington, VT 05405


Our Steps Towards Sustainability

  • We use 100% recycled content paper products
  • Entryway floor matting made of 100% recycled material
  • Plastic liner bags are made with recycled content
  • We use "Green Seal" products whenever possible with ozone water as our primary cleaner
  • Migration to chemical free floor stripping U
  • We use "sealed batteries"
  • Preference for cold water chemicals to reduce energy consumption

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We are CIMS-GB certified with Honors.