The Lock Shop is responsible for maintaining all locks, keys and electronic access systems on campus. This includes cutting and issuing metal keys ("hard" keys) and granting electronic access ("soft" keys). The staff perform lock repairs, lock changes, and new lock installations. They also repair file cabinet and desk locks, and can open locks even if you've lost the original key. They maintain a database to track all buildings, locks and keys issued on campus. 

UVM Key and CatCard Access

To request issuance of new keys or Catcard access:
Download the Request for Keys/Card Access Form (PDF) (Revised 2-24-2023)

To request routine repair and maintenance services on locks:
Submit a Self-Service Request

For More Information

Phone: 802-656-0984

Contact the UVM CatCard Service Center for general information related to CatCard electronic access.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a background check is needed before I request keys or CATCard access?

Review the Background and Reference Checks Policy. There is a list that provides clarity regarding who would need a background check. If none of the bullets apply, you can answer “N/A”. Otherwise, even if it’s just one, a background check will be required.

Does everyone need a background check before getting a key or CATCard access?

No. Background checks are required for anyone needing a grand master (GM), great grand master (GGM) key, or all-campus CATCard access, and for anyone in a position that is listed in the Background and Reference Checks Policy.

Does everyone need training before being issued a key or CATCard access?

No. However, if the space for which access is being requested includes any of those listed here, training is required.

How do I know if a background check has already been completed?

In many cases, the hiring unit would know if a background check has been completed. However, if you are unsure, contact Human Resource Services at They will not be able to disclose specific results but they can tell you if the employee has successfully completed a background check.

How do I know if the employee has completed the required training?

It depends on the training that is required. In many cases, the employee will have the ability to print or download a certificate showing that they have completed the training. Additionally, it is the supervisor who knows the hazards and assigns the training so they (supervisors) should have access to training status. You can also reach out to the unit that delivers the training to determine whether it has been completed. The more common training requirements needed for various access include:

How long in advance should I request a background check?

Depending on how many states/countries the person has lived in and the availability of records at their various addresses, a background check can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks. Rarely it takes longer than 6 weeks but it could happen. Most results are back within 4 weeks. Keep this in mind when requesting keys/electronic access.

How do I request a background check?

Go to the Human Resources page that provides background check forms and information. Everything you need to request a background check can be found there.

What happens if someone needs access (key or electronic) and they have not received a background check or have not completed the requisite training?

If they are in a position that requires either training or a background check, the key/access request will be denied until they have completed the training and have cleared the background check.

Someone in my unit left UVM and I kept their keys to pass along to their replacement. Can I just give them the keys instead of going through the Lock Shop?

No. This is a violation of UVM’s policy and puts the University, our employees, our students, and everyone in our community at risk. Extra keys should never be retained by the department – they must always be returned to the Lock Shop when someone leaves their position. Providing key access is only allowed when it follows the process outlined in UVM’s Key and Electronic Access Systems Policy.

Why and When was the Key Request Form modified?

Please refer to the Compliance Alert memo issued by the Office of Compliance & Privacy Services on February 23, 2023.

different types of keys used on campus

For Maintenance Emergencies
Call:  802-656-2560

Please report lost or stolen keys immediately to your department chair/director and to UVM Police Services.