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This document outlines the expectations of the University of Vermont regarding the impact of construction and maintenance projects on the operation of the institution. All contractors are expected to understand and abide by these guidelines.

General Contractor:  An individual or company managing/performing renovations and or new construction of campus facilities.

What We Need to Achieve

  1. We maintain the maximum number of parking spaces available for University community parking;
  2. We maintain adequate access to spaces needed to meet ADA requirements;
  3. We maintain access to loading docks and loading areas;
  4. We maintain roadway access for emergency vehicles, shuttles, and service vehicles to surrounding buildings;
  5. We assure contractor's vehicles are legally parked either on or off campus during the duration of the project;



Parking outside of staging areas is permitted in designated parking spaces only. All vehicles parked on campus require a University permit. Vehicles parked in roadways, on lawns, or sidewalks are subject to citations and towing at owner's expense.

General and Subcontractors Workers

Authorized General Contractors and Sub-contractors will be eligible for one permit per contractor and one permit per sub-contractor.  Permits will designate authorized parking zones with project location taken into consideration.  All vehicles parked on campus require a University permit and are expected to be familiar with parking rules and regulations.  Any violations will be the responsibility of the company to whom the permit was issued.

General Contractors and Subs with offices on campus

Contractor and subcontractor employees with a full time office on campus may be eligible for affiliated employee permits and offered parking in the same manner and rate as University affiliated employees.

Staging Areas


Projects may establish a staging area when appropriate for health or safety reasons or when the scope of a project requires staging materials to support day-to-day work. Every effort must be made to minimize the impact on parking, handicapped accessibility, and traffic patterns.

Staging areas used specifically to accommodate parking are not allowed.

Staging Areas Impacting Parking Or Traffic

Establishing a staging area that impacts parking or traffic circulation requires at least two weeks' notice to Transportation and Parking Services to assure proper communication to current users.

Additional Parking Spaces Needed To Support Work

Additional parking spaces needed to support work, such as locating a dumpster, construction equipment, or supply staging, shall be arranged through Transportation and Parking Services who will be responsible for barricading and signing the area. A minimum of three days' notice is needed. The project will be charged the visitors rate for use of the space for the duration of the need.

Transportation and Parking Services is the only authorized agent allowed to block off parking or roadways.

Please fill out the Contractor impact requistion form.

Making Arrangements

All parking requests must be approved by the University project manager before Transportation and Parking Services will consider issuing a permit. Once we have a completed permit request form that has been approved by TPS we will then issue the permit to the UVM Department Representative.


  • Contractors are subject to the same rules as the remainder of the University Community.
  • Contractors are expected to make every effort to avoid unnecessary impact to the University community regarding traffic circulation and parking.
  • Citations written to vehicles belonging to contractors or members of their workforce are the responsibility of the contractor. Fines on all associated vehicles must be paid before permits are renewed. Excessive citations written to any contractor may result in the removal of their vehicle(s) by towing and/or the revocation of campus parking privileges.

General Contractor Permit Types

  • Green
  • White
  • Brown


General/Sub-Contractor Information

Contractor Permit Application