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Planning, Design & Construction (PDC) is responsible for the facilitation and management of land use planning and permitting, and for the development of the University's built assets from initial design to construction administration and project management through occupancy. 

In Planning, Design & Construction, all of the resources — human, physical, financial — are designed to come together to create useful spaces for the University community. These resources are managed in a way that enhances the quality of the department's services through teamwork, employee participation, and continuous cost effective improvements. The department's structures, processes and procedures are designed to support an environmentally responsible, safe and healthy campus or add value to the larger institution. The hallmarks of our department's business practices and human interactions are our integrity and honesty.  Our Planning Services team is responsible for a diversity of major functions that all relate to land use and space use on- and off-campus. Vermont is a unique environment that treats UVM as both a "municipality" and a "developer," requiring a University adopted campus master plan that complies with local and regional master plans and extensive land use environmental regulatory processes.


The purpose of Planning, Design and Construction is to enhance the University's facilities by creating special places for the University of Vermont community to live, learn, work and play, through the renovation and the creation of contemporary, well-designed and -constructed spaces, as well as the restoration of historic buildings.

We promote collaborative processes to ensure diverse perspectives are considered in all of our planning efforts to ultimately meet the needs and be in the best interests of the University.

What We Do

Project Management & Administration

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Labor and material cost estimates.
  • Design services.
  • Construction administration services.
  • Assistance in obtaining necessary permits through Campus Planning Services.
  • Service as the liaison between the University and outside contractors, consultants and building officials.

Campus Planning

  • Development and implementation of land use planning policies.
  • Development of the Campus Plan

Land Use Regulatory Process

  • Assessment and advocacy with local, regional, and state regulatory agencies as zoning ordinances are revised, and all zoning permit acquisition and compliance.
  • Administration of the University's Watersheds and Stormwater Treatment Plan.

Space Management & Land Records

  • Development and implementation of policies and guidelines to maximize the use of existing facilities, future uses and needs of new facilities.
  • Management of the campus space inventory and associated database and AutoCAD building diagrams used within the campus Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).
  • Maintain deeds, permit records and as-built building plans for the University
  • Management of the land inventory, including mapping

City/Institutional Relations

  • Serve as University liasons and representatives regarding all land use and regulatory functions with city and state officials, community leaders, and neighbors from the surrounding community.

Staff Contact List

NameTitleEmail Phone
Paula CarlacciniDirectorPaula.Carlaccini@uvm.edu802-656-3291
Lisa KingsburyAssociate Director for PlanningLisa.Kingsbury@uvm.edu802-656-1059
David BlatchlyAssociate Director for Design & ConstructionDavid.Blatchly@uvm.edu802-656-7000
Bruce BarrConstruction Field CoordinatorBruce.Barr@uvm.edu802-656-2114
Ken BeanUniversity ArchitectKenneth.bean@uvm.edu802-656-8753
Jill BennettAdministrative/Contract SpecialistJill.Bennett@uvm.edu802-656-0944
Joanna BirbeckCampus Space ManagerJoanna.Birbeck@uvm.edu802-656-1449
Kate CoffeyConstruction Project Coordinator/ArchitectKatharine.Coffey@uvm.edu802-656-9777
Claire ForbesAssociate PlannerClaire.Forbes@uvm.edu 
Adam FrazierDeferred Maintenance Project CoordinatorAdam.Frazier@uvm.edu802-656-0785
Leo GaudreauSenior Construction AdministratorLeo.Gaudreau@uvm.edu802-656-2697
Scott GoodwinDeferred Maintenance Project CoordinatorScott.Goodwin@uvm.edu802-922-6336
Lisa McNaneyOffice ManagerLisa.McNaney@uvm.edu802-656-8660
Todd MerchantConstruction AdministratorTodd.Merchant@uvm.edu802-656-0239
Darina MernickyArchitectural DesignerDarina.Mernicky@uvm.edu 
Lani RavinAssociate PlannerLani.Ravin@uvm.edu802-656-3217
Michael RichardsSpace Planning/Mapping SpecialistMichael.A.Richards@uvm.edu802-656-9204
Cristine RowleyInteriors SpecialistCristine.Rowley@uvm.edu802-656-8239