Systems Overview

UVM relies on purchased utilities from several municipal and public utility suppliers. These include electricity, natural gas, #2 fuel oil, propane and domestic water/sewerage.

UVM operates several discrete energy systems which provide the thermal energy (heating and cooling) for most of the buildings on campus.

The largest system is the Main Campus District Energy Plant (MCDEP) which is an integrated system of high-pressure steam and chilled water. These commodities are produced centrally at the Plant then distributed out to campus buildings for heating and cooling.

Other large systems for cooling equipment are installed in: Health Science Research, Votey, Kalkin, University Heights, Colchester Research Facility and Gutterson.

Other heating equipment (primarily used to supplement or provide emergency back-up for the Main Campus Plant) is also installed in: Given, Marsh Life Science, Christie Hall, Simpson Hall, Marsh Hall, and Gutterson.

Campus buildings which are not served by nor connected to the MCDEP are isolated systems. These locations rely on individualized or "stand-alone" equipment for their heating and cooling needs. Examples of isolated systems include:

  • Small residential-scale boilers (Pomeroy Hall, Wadhams House and similar small buildings)
  • ​Larger boilers (Waterman, Dewey Hall and others) 
  • Electric chillers (Gutterson, University Heights and Colchester Research)
  • Thermal (electric) heat pumps (Alumni House, Delehanty, Wright Hall, Cohen Hall)
  • Air conditioning units (which are dispersed in many individual spaces)

Campus Utility Data Tracking

A cloud-based application called School Dude Utility Direct is currently used to track consumption data for these purchased utilities: electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, propane and domestic water. 

Each month, our public utility suppliers provide consumption data along with their invoices. The Facilities Management business office uploads this monthly data into Utility Direct where the data can be accessed by others.

Students and campus stakeholders may access this data directly usings a guest login. Please refer to this Schooldude Utility Tutorial (PDF) for specific directions on how to access the data and how to generate custom reports for your class project.

Of note: Utility and energy data management will eventually be incorporated into our new Integrated Work Management Solution (IWMS) which is currently in development. We anticipate this rolling out later in 2023. 

Energy and Utility Systems

UVM Featured in "District Energy" Magazine

The evolution of our central chilled water system was recently featured in International District Energy Association (IDEA) journal. 

District Energy article (PDF)