Facilities Management units oversee all construction and renovation projects on campus. These include new construction and capital projects; deferred maintenance or renewal projects; and all major or minor renovations and additions to existing university facilities.

Capital Projects

Capital Projects involve the planning, design, and construction of campus assets such as new buildings, major infrastructure upgrades, and major facility renovations. These projects typically require approval by the Board of Trustees and follow a Strategic Capital Planning process. The process for project development includes professional external teams working with UVM stakeholder groups to improve the built environment while following the long-term strategic vision for the UVM campus.

Capital projects vary in scope and size. The life cycle of a project involves multiple phases that are typical to all major construction and renovation projects; however, with smaller projects, the phases may become less formal, involve fewer individuals, and have a shorter duration. 


Deferred Maintenance

Deferred maintenance is the intentional postponement of building or equipment upkeep from an organization's normal operating budget cycle due to a lack of funds. An institution's Deferred Maintenance "backlog" is the total amount of expenditures that would be required to perform maintenance projects that are not included in capital renewal and which were deferred as a result of unavailable resources or opportunities for scheduling.

Deferred Maintenance projects (also called "Plant Improvements") vary in scope and size and are based on priorities such as:

  • Life Safety and Code Compliance (Arc Flash electrical safety, abatement, fire alarm upgrades, other life safety compliance.)
  • Building Envelope (roof replacements, foundation waterproofing, windows, and any project to prevent water infiltration.)
  • Electrical and Mechanical (infrastructure upgrades, boilers, piping, sprinklers, and switch gears.)
  • Structural Deficiencies (bricks, porches, pavement, etc.)
  • Vertical Transportation (elevator modernization.)
  • Energy Efficiency Projects (to reduce energy costs)