The University of Vermont is committed to using electricity, fuel and water efficiently. Physical Plant project engineering professionals oversee large and small energy projects with the goal of lowering utility costs,while reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Funding for energy efficiency projects comes from several sources:

  • Since 1992, a $125,000 energy revolving fund administered within Physical Plant has been used to finance many small projects conducted with assistance from local utility companies which provide rebates which are funneled back into the revolving fund.
  • Projects have also been funded through bonds, borrowing, and by taking longer term and life cycle costs into account during new building construction.
  • In 2012, a larger $13M Energy Revolving Fund administered by the University Controllers Office, was established. This enables funding from UVM’s cash-on-hand reserves to be used for energy projects that have a payback of less than seven years.
  • Lastly, a separate student-funded Clean Energy Fund  supports student initiated projects which address renewable energy education and student engagement.

View Campus Energy Data

We use an application called School Dude Utility Direct to manage our utilities consumption data. This is a utility tracking application used to record all of the energy used on campus including: electricity, natural gas and water. Each month, we upload current data into the system based on UVM's actual utility usage and consumption.

Students may access this data directly via the (opens in new window).  

Read this School Dude Tutorial (PDF) for specific directions on how to access the data using a guest login, and how to generate custom reports for your class project.

How to Operate CCRH Heating and Air Conditioning Unit

Are you a student living in the Central Campus Residence Hall (CCRH)? Watch this video on how to properly operate and adjust the heating and air conditioning unit in your room.