Foreign national employees should be set up with Human Resources as any other university hire. On the first day of employment, however, foreign national employees must meet with the appropriate staff member in the Office of International Education to complete the Form I-9 and International Information Form as part of the check-in process.

Submitting HR paperwork without a Social Security Number

Some foreign national employees already have Social Security Numbers (SSN). If not, the employee will need to apply for one at the local SSA Office (58 Pearl Street). HR can set up a new employee while the SSN is pending; please include a sticky note or cover memo indicating that the new employee is an international with a pending SSN application.

SSN applications take a minimum of two weeks to be processed. If an employee does not receive the SSN by week three, she/he should visit the SSA Office at 58 Pearl Street and inquire on the status of the application.

W-4 Forms

The OIE cannot assist employees in completing W-4 forms.  Employees should complete and submit forms W-4 to the department. Restricted withholding requirements apply to employees who are Nonresident Aliens for US income tax purposes. Refer to "Tax Information for Foreign National Students and Scholars."

I-9 forms

OIE will complete the I-9 form and submit an electronic copy to Human Resource Services.

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