The Davis Center was designed to enhance UVM students’ experience — from providing them with spaces to connect with their peers, focus on their studies, or decompress after that stressful test. Students are the center of our center — which is why they've been involved every step of the way, from conception to our day-to-day activities in the building.

11 DC Features, Specifically for Students —

  1. Centrally located spaces for Student Government Association (SGA) and student clubs and organizations  They're all in one space, right on the third floor and accessible to everyone.  Swing by the SGA offices to chat with your student president, VP, senators, or meet with one of the 200+ clubs who call the 'Galaxy Space' home.Ski and Snowboard Club (UVMSSC), WRUV, and The Cynic even have have their own offices on the first floor.
  2. Lounge areas for students (with fireplaces!)  Grab a coffee and cozy up by the fire in Hendersons, stay toasty while studying among some amazing art exhibits in the Fireplace Lounge, or just decompress by the fireplace in the Burack Family Fireplace Lounge and Game Room.
  3. A Tunnel under main street connects the Davis Center to the residential side of campus  because who wants to go outside in the rain (or in mid-February).  Not us! Plus, you can catch a glimpse of two amazing art installations, a mural created by two student alums, and an epic painting by local artist Mary Lacy.
  4. Games area complete with free foosball, pool, and board games  Swing through and play a game of pool with friends, or check out one of the many games we have on-hand at the info desk.  All you need is your CatCard and an opponent.  Pro-tip, while you're waiting for your turn in a game of pool check out our fresh-water biotope with fish, turtles, and plants straight from our Lake Champlain ecosystem. 
  5. Students have priority access to meeting and event spaces in the DC  are you a student group? Need a meeting room?  It's yours.  The Davis Center plays host to a tremendous amount of conferences, meetings, and activities throughout the entire year (we're one of the most traffic'd buildings in the state after all), but the students are at our core.  During finals week we also reserve meeting spaces so students have quiet, enclosed spaces to cram for their exams.
  6. 75+ student employees work in all aspects of the building  our building runs off of student-power.  From building managers, technical assistants, info desk attendants, and more — students help the Davis Center's gears turn from open to close; and it's a paid gig! Being a part of the Davis Center Operation's crew provides you with an experiential learning opportunity like no other — who else can say they work in a 186,000 square foot, state–of–the–art environmental facility?
  7. Student–employee development doesn’t stop at job responsibility — we emphasize learning outcomes to professional development opportunities such as offering "lead” positions within each work area for students to move up the ladder.  This is true not only for the Davis Center Operations staff, but for nearly every single tenant of our building — from the Career Center to Student Life to LivingWell, and beyond.
  8. Late–night programming and food options for students in Brennan's Pub + Bistro — Our campus' premiere programming organization, UVM Program Board (aka UPB), calls the Davis Center home; and most of their programs occur in the building.  Looking for some ways to fill your time late at night? Swing by one of their evening programs, learn something new, meet some new people, and have fun doing it.  Brennan's Pub + Bistro is also open late — allowing you to satisfy any post-dinner cravings you might have after an evening class. Pro tip: The Brennan's fries and shake combo is life.
  9. Student Services in a one-stop-shop  Need help with your resume? The Career Center is on the second floor.  Don't know how to register for classes?  The Advising Center can help you out.  Student Life has all your extracurricular student activities covered, and LivingWell is here to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Plus Cat Pause and the Bookstore for all your day-to-day needs.  All in one spot, all just for you.
  10. Wall-to-Wall Student Talent, Literally  We've got 10+ years of student artwork that is displayed all over our walls, all submitted by countless students doing a variety of work.  Have artwork that you want to display?  Send it to our DC art curators — we'd love to show off your amazing talents.
  11. We love student feedback! The Davis Center is here for students, it's right there in our mission statement! As times change we need to change to better serve out student population.  Have an idea for a way we can make out student center serve you better? Let us know by e-mailing us at

a student walks by a wall of posters in the department of student life

Dept. of Student Life

Student Life enhances the student experience by providing countless opportunties to get involved. Whether it be through employment or connecting them with a club or organization, Student Life is here to help students be active and engaged on (and off) campus — and to help them find their fit outside the classroom.

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a student celebrates outside at the annual springfest concert

UVM Program Board

Looking for something to do? UVM Program Board is a group of students whose job it is to program fun, interesting, and exciting events for campus.  From big events like SpringFest and FallFest to weekly Pub Quiz face-offs, and everything in between - they're sure to host an exciting event that speaks to you.

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Student Resources

The Davis Center is home to a ton of resources specifically for students, here are a few: