Discover Our Values & History

The Davis Center is not just a building — its the center of our campus; originating from a strong sense of shared values and a common ground:

  • Every step of the building process was thoughtful of the environment. But we know that building green is merely the first step to being green — making environmentally sound and sustainable practices well into the building's future is part of our mission.
  • We're committed to building an ethos that fosters social justice for all. From the artwork to gender-neutral bathrooms, this is everyone's space.
  • Space was planned around enriching the academic experience at UVM. We're all about theory to practice.
  • The building remains first and foremost a haven for students. It's YOUR student center. Have an idea? Speak up!

Our history is short (10+ years and growing), but the history of welcoming and responsible student centers at UVM is a proud one. Our values and history are what we're all about; we hope you'll share our pride and excitment in carrying these ethos forward, well into the future.


Who is Dudley H. Davis?

a portrat of Dudley H. Davis smiling at the cameraThe Davis Center is named for the late Dudley H. Davis (UVM '43) whose families and friends donated $7 million to the project.

Dudley H. Davis was a straight-shooting banker who began his career as an assistant cashier at Merchants Bank in 1946 and retired in 1994 after a phenomenal 36-year run as its president. Over that time, he provided the financial backing that gave rise to some of Vermont's biggest business success stories, including IDX Systems Corp. and Ben & Jerry's.

He was also a generous benefactor of the University of Vermont. Davis died on November 29, 2004, just days after his children announced a commitment to name the University's new student center the Dudley H. Davis Center in their father's honor.

a long exposure of the davis center exterior along main street with cars driving by

Davis Center Mission Statement

The Davis Center is STUDENT FOCUSED, complements the University's ACADEMIC MISSION, celebrates and supports SOCIAL JUSTICE and is a community-centered ENVIRONMENTAL college union.


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Awards & Recognition

Better Buildings By Design
Efficiency Vermont - Celebrating Excellence in Energy Conscious Building Design
Second Place - New Construction
February, 2008

Administrative & Facilities Services
Best Customer Service By a Team
Davis Center Custodial Staff
June, 2008

Administrative & Facilities Services
Best Customer Service - Process Improvement
Conference and Davis Center Operations & Event Services
June, 2009

Association of College Unions International (ACUI)
2009 Facility Design Award of Excellence April, 2009

Association of College Unions International (ACUI)
2009 Excellence in Innovations for Sustainability April, 2009

National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS)
2009 Innovative Achievement in Auxiliary Services Award 
November, 2009