The Davis Center is the heart of campus activity — and the heart of UVM is its vibrant and engaged student population. With that in mind, our building was constructed to be a hub of student involvement — with dedicated spaces for student clubs, activities, and government.

On the third floor alone lives the Department of Student Life, Diversity & Equity Unit office and lounge, student clubs and organizations, Davis Center operations, Student Government Association (SGA) and Graduate Student Senate (GSS), and the student-run UVM Program Board (UPB). Student-run groups WRUV (the school radio station), The Vermont Cynic (the school newspaper), and the Ski and Snowboard Clubhaus also have dedicated spaces on the first floor of the building.

two students talking to each other in a cubicle in student life

Department of Student Life

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  (3rd Floor)

The Department of Student Life strives to enhance and enrich students' experiences by providing them countless opportunties to get involved. Active learning by participation is a hallmark of their programs — whether it be through employment or just by connecting with a club or organization. Students are always welcome to swing through Student Life's digs on the third floor (see us on a map - pdf) to chat about what they do and how they can get involved (or even just to grab free Cats at the Movies ticket).

Here are just a few highlights of what Student Life offers:

Campus Programs

Campus Programs is responsible for providing a variety of entertainment options for the students, both on– and off–campus (comedians, movies, skiing events, and more). They’re the folks behind UVM's Week of Welcome, FallFest, WinterFest, SpringFest, & more — all to ensure there’s always something fun happening on campus.

Learn About Campus Programs

Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL)

Fraternity and Sorority Life  at UVM is headquartered in the Department of Student Life. Fifteen chapters, nine fraternities and six sororities bring a proud Greek tradition to UVM.

Get Involved in FSL

Civic Engagement (CE)

An umbrella organization for several community service groups on campus (Volunteers in Action, TREK, Alternative Spring Break, etc.)

Check out Service at UVM

Outdoor Programs

The many outdoor adventures, wilderness skill development trips, and opportunities for enthusiasts of all skills and abilities. Also home to Wilderness TREK!

Get Outdoors


One of Student Life's most popular programs is TREK - a 6-night, 5-day pre-move-in experience specifically for incoming first year students. TREK participants choose a specific trip, and spend the week prior to moving to campus with a number of other first year students, led by upperclass leaders.

Learn More about TREK


These students get the word out about stuff to do, on– and off–campus. Clubs, departments, and downtown venues plan lots of events, the BORED team collects them and puts everything into one single spot online ( Have an event that should be featured on their calendar? Submit one! Check them out online, on facebook, twitter, instagram, and TikTok


UVM Program Board (UPB) 

That's right, we said "board" not "bored." This group is a group of student leaders with the goal of developing and producing high–quality campus programs to satisfy the diverse interests and social needs of the student body. Springfest? That’s them. FallFest? Them too. Wicked Wednesdays Pub Quiz? You get the jist...

Check out UPB


Photo of several GSS senators smiling

Graduate Student Senate (GSS)

The Graduate Student Senate cultivates both the academic and nonacademic activities of the graduate student body, and enhances all aspects of graduate school life at the University of Vermont. GSS serves as a voice for graduate students, and act as a liaison between the University of Vermont’s administration, faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students.

a circle logo that says 'student government association' with a big v in the center

Student Government Association (SGA)

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m.–4:30 p.m.  (3rd Floor)

The Student Government Association (SGA) at UVM is the official representative voice of the student body. SGA representatives are often brought to the table when major decisions are being made that affect life and study on campus — and to advocate for the student experience. The Student Government Association offices are housed in the Davis Center. (see it on a map - pdf)

SGA–Recognized Clubs and Organizations

SGA is also home to over 180 clubs and oganizations at UVM — from Bee Keeping to Quidditch provides a physical space, funding, and resources to this wide range of clubs. Check out the most up-to-date list of these organizations on SGA's website — if you don't see a club that's right for you, you could always start a new one.

UVM Clubs

UVM Clubs (formerly "the Lynx") is our database of SGA-recognized clubs and organizations (plus some!).  You can peruse to see what each club does, what events they're hosting, who's on their current roster — you can even find applicable forms and applications that various clubs might need require you to fill out to join. 

View UVM Clubs


multiple students walk down a sidewalk lined with tents for numerous clubs and organizations

Join a Club or Org

Over 80% of our student body is involved in at least one club or organization — and with over 180 of them UVM probably has just the club for you.  Learn more about SGA-recognized clubs and organizations, and find out how you can get involved by exploring The Lynx, our database of student clubs and organizations.

Explore our Clubs ➝


a fan of movie tickets that say 'cats at the movies' on them

Cats at the Movies

Attention film buffs — Student Life has your back. Swing by their office with your student ID every Monday and Tuesday during the semester and snag yourself a free movie ticket to our local downtown movie theater — The Roxy Cinemas.

Snag a Free Ticket ➝


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