Are you a UVM recognized organization (pdf), department, or affiliated organization (pdf)? Get the word out about your event through a number of the Davis Center's information and marketing outlets.

If you're a non-affiliate, please contact Davis Center Operations & Events about marketing opportunities available to you in the building.

Current Marketing Opportunities — 

a large banner hangs between two columns in the davis center atrium

Banners & Other Displays

Located around the perimeter of the atrium, banner/display locations are a popular way to promote campus events and programs.  Requests are granted on a first come, first served basis, with priority given to University-wide initiatives and sponsored events. 

Things to Know:

  • The Davis Center has a finite amount of space suitable for banners/displays in the Atrium.
  • To allow for maximum access, banners will not be allowed to hang for longer than two weeks.
  • All banners/displays must be in support of a program or event that a University recognized organization or department is sponsoring. 
  • The banner/display must include the name of the sponsor, the name of the event, the date and time of the event, and the location of the event, or otherwise provide a URL or QR Code where such information can be found.
  • AS OF SUMMER 2023: All banners must be less than 10 feet in length, and have grommets pre-installed.

Banner space needs to be reserved in advance by completing the Davis Center Banner / Display Request form.  If you have questions, please contact or call (802) 656-1204.

Request a banner reservation!


  • SGA-Recognized Clubs and Organizations have free access to paper, paints, and letter-cut stencils in the SGA office on the third floor.
  • Banners/displays must be made of materials that will not damage the facilities where they are displayed or pose an undue risk of harm to pedestrians.
  • Think about your message. Keep it short and actionable. Avoid writing too much text — most people will only read materials in passing.
a bulletin board display full of posters in a hallway

Bulletin Boards

Public bulletin boards located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of the DC, are available for posting consistent with the University’s Posting and Solicitation Policy (pdf). Please use the tacks provided (no staples).  Bulletin boards are cleared every Sunday during the academic semesters — flyers are collected, brought to Print & Mail and recycled into Eco Notepads (look for these at the Information Desk).

Things to Know: Posting is prohibited on non-bulletin board spaces (i.e. on walls, doors, bathroom mirrors) and will be immediately taken down.

How to Submit:

Find open space on a bulletin board and put up your poster, flyer, or note. We are not staffed to put posters on bulleting boards for individuals.


  • Bulletin Boards fill up quickly. It's best to poster at the start of the week. 
  • Limit your posting to no more than 5 posters per bulletin board.
  • Think critically about your poster design and how it can stand out from the rest.  If you're postering for an SGA recognized club or organization, consider submitting a Marketing Request to have a student Graphic Designer design a poster for you - for FREE.
a flatscreen showcasing posters and events on the wall

Digital Signage / Flatscreens

We've got seven digital screens throughout all four floors of the DC — each playing content (everything from posters to videos) continuously throughout the day.  

Things to Know: 

  • At this time, only UVM affiliates (e.g. clubs and departments) are eligible to submit flat screen content.
  • Requests may not be for longer than four weeks at a time.
  • At this time, we are primarily only accepting 1080x1920 slides (or videos under 60 seconds), though we hope to expand our content in the near future. If you have unique format or file requests, you can reach out to us at to discuss further. 

How to Submit:

Please check out the Davis Center flatscreen guidelines page for templates and more information on what is and isn't accepted on our screens, and to find the submission form. 

Submit content to our screens


  • Read through the Flatscreen Guideline Page - it has a lot of helpful notes for how digital signage works.
  • Keep your message quick, actionable, and easy to understand.  It's hard to read a lot of text on digital signs - the screens are mounted on celings and walls that make it difficult to read small text from afar.
  • Condense your message to the basics - title, date/time, and website for more info. Your content should be able to visually convey your event without a lengthy amount of reading.
  • Consider submitting your event to UVM BORED. A number of our flatscreens pull from UVM BORED feeds automatically to display upcoming events from this student-run events calendar.
Display cases showcasing information in the tunnel

Display Cases

The Davis Center has a limited number of display cases available each month for UVM affiliates. Qualifying organizations can reserve a case for a 30 day period to promote their organization or work. 

Things to Know: 

  • Display cases are only available to SGA-recognized student organizations.  They are not available to other organizations or businesses. If there is availability, displays from departments at UVM may also be considered, but priority will be given to SGA organizations. 
  • Display case reservations will not be granted for longer than 30 days at a time, although they may be extended at the end of those 30 days if availability allows. 

How to Reserve a Display Case:

Please fill out the following form to request a reservation. We recommend requesting a reservation at least one month in advance - display cases fill up fast! Please do not request longer than 30 days for your reservation, as this will not be granted. 

Submit a reservation request


Make your display case current and interesting.  Nothing dissuades eyeballs faster than a display case that looks neglected!

stacks of brochures on display in the hallway

Handouts & Brochures

Have a stack of information that you would like to distribute? The Davis Center has a limited amount of space where you can leave materials for people to take home with them.

Things to Know: Handouts can be left at the 3rd floor information desk. Due to limited space, only Davis Center and UVM-related information will appear on the tabletop directly in front of the Hoffman Information and Resource Center on the 1st floor.

How to Submit Materials:

UVM affiliates (Clubs, organizations, departments, etc) can call (802.656.1204) or e-mail ( University Event Services - Davis Center Operations to see if space is available to leave materials on the 1st and 3rd floor infodesks. External groups are welcome to place fliers in the information center located adjacent to the Chittenden Bank ATM on the third floor.

two students at a table talking about services

Vendor Tables

We've got table spaces in the atrium (and out on the green when the weather is nice) — so you can chat with folks, give away swag, and inform students about your organization in a more personal, face-to-face, way.

Things to Know: Tables must be reserved in advance. The DC will supply the table and the space, but your organization is responsible for the rest.  If you are supplying food, it must adhere to the policies in place by UVM.

How to Reserve a Table:

To learn more about reserving a table, please email with details, or call University Event Services - Davis Center Operations at (802) 656-1204 and we'll walk you through the process of reserving space.


  • Have good presentation.  The Davis Center does not provide tablecloths or materials - and folks are more likely to approach you and your table if it looks professional.
  • Be engaging — make eye contact with people walking by.  Say hello. Introduce yourself and start up a legitimate conversation.
  • Think about class change times.  The atrium and outside walkways are much busier inbetween classes.

If you have questions about marketing opportunities not listed on this page, please contact the Assistant Director of Marketing for the Davis Center at All other inquries should be directed to the Davis Center Operations staff at (802) 656-1204 or

a wall with student designed posters lined up floor to cealing

Marketing Request Form

Are you an SGA-Recognized Student organization looking to create awesome marketing materials? The Department of Student Life Marketing Assistants, student graphic designers, are here to help you create awesome visuals to help you promote your club, organization, or event.

Submit a Marketing Request ➝


A flatscreen television mounted on a wall

DC Flatscreen Guide

The Davis Center flatscreens are here for all UVM-affiliates.  Learn about the file types we accept, strategies for maximizing your digital advertisments, and even download some templates to get you started.

Check out Flatscreen Guidelines ➝


The Print and Mail Service Center's front door with a decal explaining what they are

UVM Print & Mail Center

UVM's Print & Mail Center offering full design, printing and mailing services to students, faculty, and staff.  From large bulletin board displays to tabloid sized posters and postcard sized handbills, they can help actualize your designs.

Visit Print & Mail ➝


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