Accessible parking is available: 6 spaces on the Davis Center Oval outside the third floor, and 5 spaces behind the second floor of the Davis Center, next to Morrill Hall.  You can access navigation help to the Davis Center on our Parking and Directions page.

Entering, Exiting, and Navigating the Davis Center

  • Entryways: main entrances on each floor are equipped with punch pad automatic door openers. Main entrances include the north-facing Atrium entrance on the first floor, west-facing green roof entrance on the second floor and east-facing Oval entrance on the third floor. Familiarize yourself with the Davis Center floor plans.
  • Elevators: there are two centrally located public elevators which access all four floors of the building. There is also an elevator at the tunnel exit on the opposite side of Main Street.
  • Service Animals are allowed to be in all University Buildings, including the residence halls.
  • Wheelchair are available at the University Events — Davis Center Operations Office adjacent to the third floor information center on a first come, first served basis. Call (802) 656-1204 to reserve ahead.
  • Information Centers are located on the 1st and 3rd floors. Our desks are equipped with universally designed multi-level counters for wheelchair accessibility.
  • Areas of Refuge: in the event of an emergency where elevators cannot or should not be used, please wait for assistance from fire and/or rescue personnel in designated Areas of Refuge (these areas are clearly labeled). There are two Areas of Refuge located on the fourth floor, the only floor without direct access to the ground level.


In addition to accessible stalls in all public restrooms, there are gender neutral, single-person bathrooms on each floor. These bathrooms offer more privacy, and include a sink, toilet, and shower stall. There is an additional private bathroom on the first floor between the WRUV 90.1 FM radio station and the Cynic newspaper offices. This restroom is slightly larger than the other private bathrooms and is not equipped with a shower.

Audio-Visual and Technical Services

  • Assisted Listening Devices: There are 45 Assistive Listening Devices, which are free of charge and can be reserved by contacting the Davis Center Operations & Events Office at (802) 656-1204.
  • Closed Captioning: is available in either ballroom. Contact the Davis Center Operations & Events Office to request closed captioning.
  • ASL Interpretation Services: are available by contacting the UVM Student Accessibility Services office by telephone (802) 656-7753, video phone (802) 881-0137 or by sending an email to
  • Lifts, Ramps, and Staging: For events using risers or staging, a power wheelchair lift is available upon request (Davis Center Operations & Event Services: (802) 656-1204). Risers and staging are adjustable to heights of 8", 18", 20", or 24". The stage in Brennan's Pub is approximately 12" high and has a built in ramp for wheelchair access.

UVM Student Accessibility Services: For further questions regarding accessibility issues at UVM and the services offered, contact the Student Accessibility Office at (802) 656-7753.

Students get help at SASS

Student Accessibility Services

Part of the Center for Academic Success, Student Accessibility Services (formerly ACCESS) provides accommodations to students with documented disabilities — offering exam accommodations, meetings with Accessibility Specialists to receive advisement and advocacy around disability-related matters, ebooks, deaf and hard of hearing services, notetaking, adaptive technology, and more.

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