Building FAQs as we go ...

How do I get the fonts?

All fonts (excluding GoBold and web fonts) need to be purchased to be used. Fonts being used by individual colleges outside of the main University of Vermont communications department need to purchase extended font usage licenses. 

Depending on your project, it might not be necessary to purchase all. Learn more and see the complete list of approved fonts and costs.

If I have recently purchased print materials, do I have to get rid of them or can I use them up first?

Units are not required to re-print information. Any new print jobs or reprints should adhere to the new guidelines.

What's the role of the new creative communications director?

The university hired Amanda Waite as creative communications director July 1, 2016. This new position at the university focuses on the the creation and implementation of an integrated, multi-faceted, strategic communications plan across the campus in support of the university’s objectives and toward advancing its reputation locally, nationally, and internationally.

The creative communications director position provides leadership to a team of professionals and vendors, and exercises strategic oversight with respect to creative communications and outreach. Amanda will work closely with individuals throughout campus to set clearly defined and measurable objectives, develop a messaging architecture, as well as assisting and supporting the strategic communications efforts of each college and other relevant units.

How can I learn about updates to the style guide and opportunities for training and professional development?

Please join the communicators listserv.