NOTE: UVM is transitioning to a new brand including logos, colors, and fonts. This legacy page will remain available as a resource during the transition, but for all new materials we ask that you refer to guidance our Brand Guide at

Answering frequently asked questions about working with central communications and our creative style guide.

How do I get approved UVM fonts?

All fonts (excluding GoBold and web fonts) need to be purchased to be used. Fonts being used by individual colleges outside of the main University of Vermont communications department need to purchase extended font usage licenses. 

Depending on your project, it might not be necessary to purchase all fonts. Learn more and see the complete list of approved fonts and costs.

If I have recently purchased print materials with out-of-date branding, do I have to get rid of them or can I use them up first?

Units are not required to re-print information. Any new print jobs or reprints should adhere to the new guidelines.

How can I learn about updates to the style guide and opportunities for training and professional development?

Please join the communicators listserv to find out about upcoming communicators meetings.

How do I request a logo?

Although the primary logo should be the first logo an audience sees, it's sometimes appropriate to brand communications for established audiences with unit-specific marks.

It’s always permissible and often advised to use the primary logo and include the name of the unit as a separate design treatment, visually apart from each other. Where that separation can’t happen is when the secondary logo can be useful. Official units (schools, colleges, departments) of the University of Vermont must adhere to the secondary logo system, and may not create unique, individual logos to represent themselves. Promotional logos are a tool to visually brand UVM events, campaigns, initiatives, and organizations. Promotional logos leave room for creativity and flexibility, while staying aligned with UVM branding.

Please contact creative director Andrea Estey to initiate this process.

Where can I find university photography?

Visit the UVM Photoshelter to access our photo and video library. You'll find a curated selection of approved photography in the folder, UVM Photos. You can also search the library by keyword or date.

The best way to download photos from this site is by creating an account. To do this, click “login” in the upper right, then click “sign up for a free account.” Once you’ve created an account, send your email address to art director Cody Silfies, and he'll ensure you have access to download all photos. Please contact Cody Silfies if you need assistance.