ATTENTION: UVM is transitioning to a new brand including logos, colors, and fonts. This legacy page will remain available as a resource during the transition, but for all new materials we ask that you refer to guidance our Brand Guide at

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When writing any form of copy for the University of Vermont, remember the tone we are setting for ourselves informed by our positioning statement:

Elevating Humankind

This means that we do all things with purpose. We hold ourselves to high academic and personal standards, so that we can pursue life-changing missions with the attention they deserve. Our passions align with our career choices. And our day-to-day studies, research, and more are impacting a much bigger picture.

These thoughts should always inform the voice and tone of headlines. In short, “our work here helps the world at large.”

Tone words that reflect the personality of the institution:

  • Passionate
  • Active
  • Genuine
  • Open-Minded
  • Determined
  • Intellectual
  • Approachable


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Headline Tone

The headlines you see here bring our tone words and positioning statement (Elevating Humankind) to life in a short, digestible form. They serve as mantras that communicate our new creative narrative in a way that speaks to a wide range of audiences— specifically, students, teachers, staff and visitors.

  • Genuine Ingenuity
  • Doing All Things with Purpose
  • The Academic Ecosystem
  • The Living Classroom
  • In Partnership with the World