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Creative Positioning

After a lengthy qualitative and quantitative research study, the following position statement was created for the University of Vermont. Note that this statement, which encapsulates the UVM experience, serves as an internal reference to guide communications, and should not appear on outward facing materials.

UVM positioning statement: Elevating Humankind

This statement is supported by the following pillars that provide distinctive ownership for UVM:

  • Public Ivy, Pivotal Approach
  • Enriching Atmosphere
  • Citizens of Empowerment
  • Decidedly Different

This statement is informed by the following tone words that reflect the personality of the institution:

  • Passionate
  • Active
  • Genuine
  • Open-Minded
  • Determined
  • Intellectual
  • Approachable


This "Elevating Humankind" statement is supported by the following pillars:

Public Ivy, Pivotal Approach

This pillar speaks to UVM’s storied history, while highlighting what makes it stand out from its strong academic peers. UVM is a traditional “public ivy” given its academic caliber and proud tradition—but its approach to education, research and the overall university experience is truly unique. Additionally, UVM’s commitment to integrating qualitative and quantitative knowledge further bolsters its academic/research offering and trajectory.

Enriching Atmosphere

UVM is in the heart of Burlington, which provides a beautiful backdrop of mountains, a lake, hiking trails, and more. UVM is, however, so much greater than just a pretty location. The environment of the city and university encourages movement, restlessness and energy, which creates a culture of discovery and innovation. It truly is an academically charged atmosphere.

Decidedly Different

The students and faculty here are encouraged to be independent thinkers and unapologetically themselves, whose voices and passions are crafted into effective problem solving for the world around them. UVM is not simply producing graduates. They are cultivating citizens who will go on to make an impact on society in countless ways through knowledge and know-how. It is never too far-fetched to say that communities everywhere will be made better through UVM students, graduates, teachers, and researchers.

Citizens of Empowerment

At UVM, we’re not unique just because—we’re unique on purpose. We possess the solid foundation and stature of a public institution, yet are equipped to approach the world’s challenges headfirst and hands-on. We have the tools and resources to do incredible work, maintain a high academic bar, and approach all things from our own perspective. We are decidedly different. And that is celebrated, throughout our commitment to our students, the environment, the arts and sciences, and humanity as a whole.