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The Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics is a flexible program through the College of Arts & Sciences providing mathematics in the context of a liberal arts degree, allowing a wide range of double majors and minors, as well as the option of a Concentration in Statistics.

A Bachelor of Arts with a major in mathematics is offered and supervised by the College of Arts and Sciences. Students opting for this degree require an advisor from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Major requirements

Median salary



  • Mathematician
  • Game Designer
  • Animator

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Why Minor in Math?

  • Extend your expertise
  • Prospective employers favor mathematically trained people.
  • Competence in mathematics will be useful on the job.
  • To employers, math skills imply technical skills.
  • A Math minor on a resum√© gives you a competitive edge in getting a job.
  • Math is fun and intellectually stimulating!

Requirements for the Mathematics Minor

Required courses:

  • MATH 021
  • MATH 022
  • MATH 052 or Math 121
  • 9 additional credits in MATH courses numbered 100 or above. If you take both Math 052 and Math 121, then 121 counts toward the nine credits.

To declare a Math Minor, log onto myUVM. You should also contact us to be assigned an advisor for the minor.