The diverse mission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Vermont falls under the three categories of teaching, research and service.


We are committed to providing the best possible educational experience for the students in all of our classes. We take seriously our responsibility to educate students in our service courses, in our classes for our majors, and in our graduate classes.

It is our goal that students taking even just one lower-level class from our department will gain an appreciation for the beauty and power of mathematics and not just consider it as the ability to manipulate symbols.

We expect our undergraduate majors to be skilled problem solvers and critical thinkers who have learned a significant amount of fundamental mathematics, and our graduate students to have an understanding of the breadth and depth of mathematics.


It is expected that original research performed by members of the department will contribute to significant advances in various fields of pure and applied mathematics and statistics. Our mission includes the expectation that the members of the faculty in this department publish their original research regularly in peer-reviewed, highly regarded research journals and are themselves regarded as world-class researchers in their respective areas of mathematics and statistics.


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics prides itself on its service role. Our mission is to serve the University, the State of Vermont, and the nation, as well as the professional community.

All members of the department take this service role very seriously and are actively involved in service activities such as outreach teaching activities to the State; involvement in regional, state and national mathematics competitions; serving on multitudes of committees at the College and University levels; sitting on national funding panels; editing and refereeing for professional journals; and organizing professional conferences.