The University of Vermont Graduate Program in Mathematics and Statistics is a vibrant community, valuing high-quality interactions between individuals while embracing the best uses of technology to encourage the development of well-prepared, well-rounded mathematicians and statisticians who will make important contributions to society as individuals and as team members.

PhD Graduates

Name Degree/Year Thesis Now
Andy Reagan PhD - 2017 "Towards a science of human stories: using sentient analysis and emotional arcs to understand the building blocks of complex social systems" Data Scientist at MassMutual Insurance
Emily Cody PhD - 2017 "Mathematical modeling of public opinion using traditional and social media" Data Scientist at Adobe
Jake Williams PhD - 2015 "Lexical mechanics: partitions, mixtures, and context" Faculty in Information Science at Drexel University
Eitan Pechenick PhD - 2015 "Exploring the google books corpus: an information theoretic approach to linguistic evolution" Faculty at Maine School of Science & Mathematics
Nicholas Allgaier PhD - 2014 "Reverse engineering the human brain: an evolutionary computation approach to the analysis of fMRI" Faculty in Psychiatry at UVM
Catherine Bliss PhD - 2014 "Description, prediction, and evolution of a large, dynamic network from incomplete data." Faculty in Mathematics at UVM
Matthew Welz PhD - 2012 "Fusion systems with standard components of small rank" Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Fort Lewis College
Hy Ginsberg PhD - 2010 "Minimal Heilbronn characters of finite groups" Associate Professor of Mathemetics, Worcester University




MS Graduates

Name Degree/Year Thesis Now
David Dewhurst MS - 2018 "Some results on a class of functional optimization problems" PhD Student at UVM
Ryan Gallagher MS - 2017 "Disentangling discourse: networks, entropy, and social movements" PhD Student at MIT
Garvin Gaston MS - 2017 "Hilbert Class Fields of Imaginary Quadratic Fields and Reflex Fields of Certain Sextic CM Fields" Upper School Mathematics Instructor at St. John's School
Zihao Deng MS - 2016 "Uncommon numerical instability in the method of characteristic applied to Hyperbolic equations" PhD Student at Washington University, St. Louis
John McHugh MS - 2016 "Monomial Characters of Finite Groups" PhD Student at The University of California, Santa Cruz
Morgan Frank MS - 2014 "Standing swells surveyed showing surprisingly stable solutions for the Lorenz '96 model" PhD Student at MIT
Michael Foley MS - 2014 "An exploratory statistical analysis of NASDAQ-provided trade data" PhD Student at Northeastern
Michael Musty MS - 2014 "Computing the Iwasawa Lambda Invariant of an Abelian Number Field with MAGMA" PhD student at Dartmouth
Kameron Harris MS - 2012 "On-off threshold models of social behavior" Postdoc at University of Washington
Ross Lieb-Lappen MS - 2010 "Aggressive shadowing of a low-dimensional model of atmospheric dynamics" Faculty at Vermont Technical College





Name Degree/Year Thesis Now
Sven McCall BS - 2018 "Langrangian cohort structures: a climatological look" Data Scientist at Apple
Rosie Steinberg BA - 2018 "Enumerating Curves of Genus 2 over Finite Fields" Data Analyst at Hopjump
Brenden Whitney BS - 2017 "Categorizing snow depth trends in Vermont with Singular Value Decomposition" MS Student at UVM
Dilan Kiley BS - 2014 "Characterizing the shapes of collective attention using social media" Data Scientist at Chobanian Group
Darcy Glenn BS - 2013 Characterizing weather in a thermosyphon, an atmosphere that hangs on a wall" Environmental Analyst at Park City Municipal Corporation
Ashley McKhann BS - 2011 "Modeling chaotic convection: data vs physics" Biostatician at Harvard
Kameron Harris BS - 2009 "Predicting climate regime change in chaotic convection" Postdoc at University of Washington