The University of Vermont Graduate Program in Mathematics and Statistics is a vibrant community, valuing high-quality interactions between individuals while embracing the best uses of technology to encourage the development of well-prepared, well-rounded mathematicians and statisticians who will make important contributions to society as individuals and as team members.

PhD Graduates

Kelsey LinnellPhD - 2022Leveraging behavioral data for public health: Exploring sleep and nature exposure using mobile phones and social mediaData Scientist at LL Bean
Marcus EliaPhD - 2021Loss of Precision in Implementations of the Toom-Cook AlgorithmGeopipe Company
Sophia GonetPhD - 2021Jacobians of Finite and Infinite Voltage Covers of GraphsRutgers University, NJ
Tyler GrayPhD - 2019Measuring linguistic and cultural evolution using books and tweetsMathematician at the Institute for Defense Analyses
Ada MorsePhD - 2018Networks, (k)nots, nucleotides, and nanostructuresData Science Instructional Designer at Codecademy
Andy ReaganPhD - 2017"Towards a science of human stories: using sentient analysis and emotional arcs to understand the building blocks of complex social systems"Data Scientist at MassMutual Insurance
Emily CodyPhD - 2017"Mathematical modeling of public opinion using traditional and social media"Data Scientist at Adobe
Thomas McAndrewPhD - 2017Weighted networks: Applications from power grid construction to crowd controlLehigh University, PA
Jake WilliamsPhD - 2015"Lexical mechanics: partitions, mixtures, and context"Drexel University, PA
Eitan PechenickPhD - 2015"Exploring the google books corpus: an information theoretic approach to linguistic evolution"Upper School Math Teacher, San Domenico School, San Francisco, CA
Ganesh OkaPhD - 2014A Cellular Automata Based Model of Upscaling the Impact of Bacterial Growth Attached to Soil Particles on the Intrinsic Permeability of the Soil: Theory and SimulationsCalifornia State University, Fresno
Nicholas AllgaierPhD - 2014"Reverse engineering the human brain: an evolutionary computation approach to the analysis of fMRI"Faculty in Psychiatry at UVM
Catherine BlissPhD - 2014"Description, prediction, and evolution of a large, dynamic network from incomplete data."SUNY Empire State College, NY
Matthew WelzPhD - 2012"Fusion systems with standard components of small rank"Assistant Professor of Data Scientist at SIMBA (Durango, CA)
Hy GinsbergPhD - 2010"Minimal Heilbronn characters of finite groups"Associate Professor of Mathemetics, Worcester University
Melanie BrownPhD - 2010Surface embeddings of familites of combinatorial designsAssociate Professor, Champlain College
Kirsten StorPhD - 2010Drawing graphs as superthracklesData Scientist at SIMBA (Durango, CA)
Jason PricePhD - 2009Popescu’s Conjecture in Multiquadratic ExtensionsNichols College, Dudley, MA
Hania MahassenPhD - 2007Weakly and strongly correlated two-dimensional layered coulomb systemsAmerican University of Kuwait
Sam Asiedu-AddoPhD - 2007Modeling aspects of aerosol deposition in the human respiratory tractUniversity of Education, Winneba, Ghana
K. BoamahPhD - 2005Modeling the dynamic exchange of solutes in a prototype hemodialyzer constructBlackburn College, IL
Richard SpindlerPhD - 2005The one-dimensional shallow water boundary value problem and instabilityBemidji State University, MN
N. MensahPhD - 2004Modeling aspects of biological invasionsUniversity of Cape Coast, Ghana
Natalie CartwrightPhD - 2004Uniform asymptotic description of the unit step function modulated sinusoidal signalNorwich University, VT
Karen RicciardiPhD - 2002Optimal groundwater remediation design subject to uncertaintyUMass, Boston, MA
Anthony AidooPhD - 2001Studies on a prototype channel geometry for acetycholine receptor channelEastern Connecticut State University, CT
Robert PoodiackPhD - 1999Littlewood-Paley theory in two parametersNorwich University, VT
Gerard LavarnwayPhD - 1999Almost-periodic functions in a half-planeNorwich University, VT
Scott StevensPhD - 1999Supraclavicular, lumped-parameter models for dynamic intracranial pressuresPenn State, Erie; Champlain College, VT
Steven BrillPhD - 1998The solution of two-dimensional partial differential equations via Hermite collocation with block red-black Gauss-Seidel preconditionerBoise State University, ID
Graciela Herrera de OlivaresPhD - 1998Cost effective groundwater quality sampling network designUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Qifu ZhengPhD - 1997Generalized Watson transforms and applications to group representationsCollege of New Jersey




MS Graduates

Annie ZhangMS - 2023 Lincoln Labs, MIT
Siqi WanMS - 2022 Pinkerton Academy, N.H.
Patrick MullinsMS - 2020The circuit and cocircuit lattices of a regular mattroidThe Sharon Academy – Algebra Teacher
Oliver WaiteMS - 2020On the Faculty of IntuitionBentley University – Adjunct Lecturer
Derek DevineMS - 2019 Research Biostatistician, Medical Biostatistics UVM
Zachary ParkerMS - 2019 University of North Carolina Greensboro – PhD Student
Damin ZhuMS - 2018 University of Vermont – PhD Student in Statistics
Francis Baffour-AwuahMS - 2018 Florida State University – Graduate Student in Biomathematics
David DewhurstMS - 2018"Some results on a class of functional optimization problems"PhD Student at UVM
Jack DaltonMS - 2017An Exposition of Selberg’s SieveUniversity of South Carolina – PhD Candidate in Mathematics
Andrew SparksMS - 2017 Research Biostatistician, Medical Biostatistics UVM
Ryan GallagherMS - 2017"Disentangling discourse: networks, entropy, and social movements"PhD Student at MIT
Garvin GastonMS - 2017"Hilbert Class Fields of Imaginary Quadratic Fields and Reflex Fields of Certain Sextic CM Fields"Upper School Mathematics Instructor at St. John's School
Zihao DengMS - 2016"Uncommon numerical instability in the method of characteristic applied to Hyperbolic equations"PhD Student at Washington University, St. Louis
John McHughMS - 2016"Monomial Characters of Finite Groups"University of California Santa Cruz - Graduate Student in Mathematics
Sam KriegmanMS - 2016Evolving Spatially Aggregated Features for Regional Modeling and Its Application to Satellite ImageryAssistant Professor, Northwestern University
Shawn AdderlyMS - 2016Reviewing Power Outage Trends, Electric Reliability Indices and Smart Grid FundingPacific Gas and Electric
Katherine KingMS - 2015 Statistician, Mayo Clinic
Erin MilneMS - 2015 University of Vermont – PhD Student in CESS
Morgan FrankMS - 2014"Standing swells surveyed showing surprisingly stable solutions for the Lorenz '96 model"PhD Student at MIT
Michael FoleyMS - 2014"An exploratory statistical analysis of NASDAQ-provided trade data"PhD Student at Northeastern
Michael MustyMS - 2014"Computing the Iwasawa Lambda Invariant of an Abelian Number Field with MAGMA"PhD student at Dartmouth
Shauna (Simeone) RevayMS - 2014 Novetta – Lead of the Machine Learning System of Excellence
Michael MustyMS - 2014Computing the lwasawa lambda invariant of an abelian number field in magmaCold Regions Research and Engineering Lab, Hanover, NH
Michael KlugMS - 2013 University of Chicago - Dickson Instructor
Samuel SchiavoneMS - 2013 Research scientist at MIT
Kameron HarrisMS - 2012"On-off threshold models of social behavior"Postdoc at University of Washington
Michael LambertMS - 2011 University of Massachusetts Boston – Associate Lecturer
Ross Lieb-LappenMS - 2010"Aggressive shadowing of a low-dimensional model of atmospheric dynamics"Faculty at Vermont Technical College
Katherine MerrillMS - 2009 University of Vermont – Senior Lecturer
Doug DickeyMS -2008(Stat)/1999(Math) University of Vermont – Assistant Dean of CEMS
Nicholas TeffMS - 2008 Shopify – Senior Data Scientist
Nichole CaisseMS - 2007Modeling aspects of airway smooth muscle dynamicsUniversity of Vermont – Senior Lecturer
Elizabeth WilcoxMS - 2006 SUNY Oswego – Associate Professor
Mike DeSarnoMS - 2006 Research Biostatistician, Medical Biostatistics UVM
Benjamin Martin ReistMS - 2005 NORC at the University of Chicago - Principal Statistician
Rachel RepstadMS - 2004 Vermont Technical College - Professor
Abigail CrockerMS - 2004 Associate Professor of Statistics, UVM
Emmanuel AmoahMS - 2003 Burlington High School – Math Teacher
Patricia (Fogarty) ClemensMS - 2003Catching the fire on gridsMeredith College – Adjunct Professor
Edward BoamahMS - 2002 Blackburn College – Department Chair and Professor
Krisan GearyMS - 2001 University of Vermont, Senior Lecturer
Joe KudrleMS - 2001 University of Vermont – Senior Lecturer
Stacy AnthonyMS - 2001 Math teacher, Essex High School
Anjun CaoMS - 2000 Director of Clinical Statistics Oncology, Bayer
Christopher LeeMS -2000 Emergency Medicine MD, Yale University
Philip YatesMS - 1999 Associate Professor of Statistics, DePaul University
David RockoffMS - 1999 Lecturer of Statistics, UVM
John PainterMS - 1999 South Burlington High School – Math Department Curriculum Area Supervisor
John SchmittMS - 1998 Middlebury College - Professor
Holly RossonMS - 1994 Warren Wilson College – Department Chair and Professor
Douglas MaceMS - 1991 Kirtland Community College - Faculty
Helen ReadMS - 1988 University of Vermont – Vice Chair and Senior Lecturer
Karla KarstensMS - 1987 University of Vermont – Senior Lecturer
Sandy (Rhoades) GokeyMS - 1987 Greenfield Community College - Faculty
Joanna Ellis-MonaghanMS - 1986 University of Amsterdam - Faculty of Science
Cathy (Milne) FreyMS - 1985 Norwich University - Professor
Joan SkellyMS - 1985 Research Biostatistician, Medical Biostatistics UVM
David RuppertMA - 1973 Professor of Statistics and Data Science, Cornell University





Sven McCallBS - 2018"Langrangian cohort structures: a climatological look"Data Scientist at Apple
Rosie SteinbergBA - 2018"Enumerating Curves of Genus 2 over Finite Fields"Data Analyst at Hopjump
Brenden WhitneyBS - 2017"Categorizing snow depth trends in Vermont with Singular Value Decomposition"MS Student at UVM
Dilan KileyBS - 2014"Characterizing the shapes of collective attention using social media"Data Scientist at Chobanian Group
Darcy GlennBS - 2013Characterizing weather in a thermosyphon, an atmosphere that hangs on a wall"Environmental Analyst at Park City Municipal Corporation
Ashley McKhannBS - 2011"Modeling chaotic convection: data vs physics"Biostatician at Harvard
Kameron HarrisBS - 2009"Predicting climate regime change in chaotic convection"Postdoc at University of Washington
Christopher VicevichBS - 2004 Teacher at Hamden Hall Country Day School, Connecticut
Laura RiccioBS - 1999 Principal Medical Informaticist at Blue Shield





All dissertations and theses may be found by searching their respective titles on UVM ScholarWorks.