Rogue Wave

Image of a rogue wave courtesy of the University of Miami.

International Workshop on Rogue Waves
University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, USA
Dec. 17-18, 2022

Rogue waves have attracted intensive studies in physical and mathematical communities in recent years. The goal of this workshop is to bring together leading scholars from both mathematical and physical fields to survey recent progress in this area, and to explore future research directions. The workshop will be hybrid, allowing both in-person and online participation.

Organizer:  Jianke Yang (University of Vermont, USA)

List of invited speakers:

1. Nail Akhmediev (Australian National University, Australia)
2. Fabio Baronio (University of Brescia, Italy)  
3. Deniz Bilman (University of Cincinnati, USA)
4. Robert Buckingham (University of Cincinnati, USA)
5. Amin Chabchoub (Kyoto University, Japan, and University of Sydney, Australia)  
6. Junchao Chen (Lishui University, China)
7. Kwok Chow (University of Hong Kong, China)
8. Peter Clarkson (University of Kent, U.K.) 
9. Justin Cole (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, USA)
10. John M. Dudley (Université Bourgogne, France)
11. Baofeng Feng (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA)
12. Andrey Gelash (Université Bourgogne, France)
13. Jingsong He (Shenzhen University, China)
14. Panos Kevrekidis (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)
15. Ling Liming (South China University of Technology, China)
16. Boris Malomed (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
17. Peter Miller (University of Michigan, USA)
18. Yasuhiro Ohta (Kobe University, Japan)
19. Dmitry Pelinovsky (McMaster University, Canada)
20. Alexey Slunyaev (Institute of Applied Physics RAS, Russia)
21. Bo Yang (Ningbo University, China)                                                                                

Workshop Program: Schedule and Book of Abstracts