Why Mathematics and Statistics?

Our students and our faculty understand the unique challenges and satisfactions that the careful study of mathematics and statistics offers.

Mathematical ideas and results not only represent some of the highest accomplishments of mankind, but also are an indispensable tool in an ever-increasing array of disciplines. In this sense mathematics has a dual nature: it is both an independent field of study valued for precision of thought and intrinsic beauty, and it is a rich source of techniques and methods for the world of applications.

Here at UVM, we take great pride in making sure that both of these aspects of mathematics and statistics are well represented in our research and our curriculum.


Our research strengths in applied and computational mathematics, analysis, algebra and number theory, and combinatorics and graph theory, and applied statistics and biostatistics are recognized throughout the world. Our faculty members have given lectures on 5 continents and in over 40 foreign countries. Recent research contributions include fast algorithms for modeling blood flow through the body and for modeling the size and shape of the polar ice caps, work on fundamental properties signal processing and fiber optic communications, the study of the spread of viruses in a computer network, and the design and analysis of methods to improve care of premature infants.

Providing research of exceptional quality is only one of our responsibilities in a land-grant university. We also have large and varied instructional responsibilities. We have a curriculum that is quite flexible and is well suited to the many possible uses of a mathematics or statistics degree. The same faculty research skills that have resulted in over 500 publications in refereed journals have also resulted in special projects in undergraduate and graduate courses.


Our faculty also make their skills available outside the University in many ways. Faculty in the department are actively involved in outreach activities such as The Vermont Mathematics Initiative (VMI), a nationally recognized effort to enhance the mathematics performance of K-12 students by improving mathematics instruction throughout the state. Members of the department are involved in other activities such as regional, state and national mathematics competitions; sitting on national funding agencies funding panels; and editing and refereeing for professional journals. Our annual Math Day, held each May, brings together the winners of our annual High School Prize Exam, which has been run continuously out of our department since 1958.

Graduate Program

Our graduate program is very strong and has at any one time 15 students supported on GTAs and about 3-5 students supported by fellowships and grants. Our graduate students work closely with the faculty on sponsored research and receive excellent training to prepare them for their careers in academia, industry, government agencies among others. The department grants the following graduate degrees: M.S., M.S.T., and Ph.D.