Instant Evolution: AI designs robots from scratch in seconds. And they walk.

UVM and Northwestern team creates robots on a laptop and 3D printer
silicone robot made from AI

One has three legs and rear fins. No engineer would come up with such a robot. But in seconds, an AI running a new algorithm did—and it walks.

A team of scientists from the University of Vermont, Northwestern University, and MIT created this new approach: the first artificial intelligence that can design unique robots from scratch.

“AI is exploding in so many fields right now. We...

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2021-2022 Graduate Teaching Assistants of the Year Announced

The Graduate College is pleased to announce the 2021-2022 Graduate Teaching Assistants of the Year.

Lab Instruction Category

Lily Shapiro, Biology Master's Program

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Hunter Rehm, Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics Graduate Student's NASA Internship

We spoke with Mathematics Graduate Student, Hunter Rehm, regarding his internship with NASA Glenn Research Center:

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