Our Department takes pride in its reputation for great teaching, cutting-edge research, and the personal attention we give our students. Five of our faculty members have won Kroepsch-Maurice awards for excellence in teaching, and two members of our department are recipients of the prestigious University Scholar award. 


Graduate Student instructors can be found in the Graduate Student directory.

Department Staff

 NameOffice & PhoneEmail
Kiki Reno82 University Place E220 | 802-656-4281Kiki.Reno@uvm.edu
Barbara Asiimwe 82 University Place E220 | 802-656-4355 Barbara.Asiimwe@uvm.edu

Full Time Faculty

 Name & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail
Spencer Backman, Ph.D., Assistant ProfessorAlgebraic and Geometric CombinatoricsSpencer.Backman@uvm.edu
James Bagrow, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorNetwork Science, Complex Systems, Data Science and Machine Learning, Computational Social Science, Mathematical ModelingJames.Bagrow@uvm.edu
Kevin Beard, M.B.A., Senior LecturerStatistics Educationkevin.beard@uvm.edu
BentilDaniel Bentil, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorApplied Mathematics, Modeling, Biomathematicsdaniel.bentil@uvm.edu
Karen Benway, M.S., Senior LecturerStatistics Educationkaren.benway@uvm.edu
Janice Bunn, Research Assistant ProfessorJanice Bunn, Ph.D., Research Associate ProfessorMedical Biostatisticsjanice.bunn@uvm.edu
Jeffrey BuzasJeffrey S. Buzas, Ph.D., Professor, Chairperson, Director of StatisticsMeasurement Error Models, Instrumental Variablesjeff.buzas@uvm.edu
nichole caisseNichole Caisse, M.S., LecturerApplied Mathematics, area of interest is Mathematical Biology, and Mathematics EducationNichole.Caisse@uvm.edu
Chip Cole, ProfessorBernard (Chip) Cole, Ph.D., ProfessorCancer Biostatistics, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Clinical Trials, Chemoprevention Studiesbernard.cole@uvm.edu
Abigail CrockerAbigail Crocker, Ph.D., Research Assistant ProfessorChildren's Health, Health Care Policy, Applied Statisticsabigail.crocker@uvm.edu
Christopher Danforth, Ph.D., ProfessorChaos, Mathematical Modeling, Computational Social Science, Complex Systems and Applied Mathematicschris.danforth@uvm.edu
Peter Dodds, Ph.D., ProfessorApplied Mathematics, Complex Systems and Networks, Contagion, Modelingpeter.dodds@uvm.edu
François Dorais, Ph.D., LecturerMathematical LogicFrancois.Dorais@uvm.edu
Taylor DupuyTaylor Dupuy, Ph.D., Assistant ProfessorArithmetic Geometry, Differential Algebra, and Applied Model Theorytaylor.dupuy@uvm.edu
Erika Edwards, Ph.D., Research Associate ProfessorEpidemiology; Applied Biostatisticserika.edwards@uvm.edu
Krisan Geary, M.S.,
Senior Lecturer
Mathematics Educationkrisan.geary@uvm.edu
Daniel Hathaway, Ph.D.,
Set Theory and Mathematical Logicdaniel.hathaway@uvm.edu
Tony JulianelleTony Julianelle, Ph.D., Senior LecturerMathematics Education, Complex ManifoldsTony.Julianelle@uvm.edu
Karla KarstensKarla Karstens, M.S., Senior LecturerMathematics Educationkarla.karstens@uvm.edu
Joseph Kudrle, M.S., Senior LecturerMathematics Educationjoseph.kudrle@uvm.edu
Taras Lakoba, Assistant ProfessorTaras I. Lakoba, Ph.D., ProfessorStability of Numerical Methods, Perturbation Theory, Nonlinear Waves, Fiber Opticstaras.lakoba@uvm.edu
Emily Malcolm-White, M.S., LecturerStatistics Educationebmwhite@uvm.edu
Laura Marthaler, M.S.,

Combinatorics, Graph Theory,

Data Communications, Networking

Jacob Martin, Ph.D., LecturerStatistics EducationJacob.W.Martin@uvm.edu
Katherine Merrill, M.A., Senior LecturerStatistics and Mathematics Education


Susan Ojala

Susan Ojala, Lecturer and Research Associate

Mathematics Educationsusan.ojala@uvm.edu
Helen P. Read, M.S., Senior LecturerComputer Technology in Mathematics Instructionhelen.read@uvm.edu

Puck Rombach, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, and Math Graduate Program Director

Graph/Network Theorypuck.rombach@uvm.edu
Joan Rosebush, M.Ed., Senior Lecturer and Director of Student SuccessMathematics Educationjoan.rosebush@uvm.edu
Paramita Saha Chaudhuri, Ph.D., Assistant ProfessorTime-Dependent Prediction Accuracy, Specimen Pooling, Privacy-Preserving Statistical ModelingParamita.Saha-Chaudhuri@uvm.edu
Richard SingleRichard Single, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorBiostatisticsrichard.single@uvm.edu
Christelle Vincent

Christelle Vincent, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometrychristelle.vincent@uvm.edu
Gregory Warrington, Ph.D., Professor, Associate ChairpersonCombinatoricsGregory.Warrington@uvm.edu
Sheila WeaverSheila O. Weaver, M.S., Senior LecturerStatistics Educationsheila.weaver@uvm.edu
J. Michael Wilson, ProfessorJ. Michael Wilson, Ph.D., ProfessorFourier Analysismike.wilson@uvm.edu
Jianke Yang, Ph.D., ProfessorNon-Linear Waves, Non-Linear Optics, Numerical Methodsjianke.yang@uvm.edu
Jun YuJun Yu, Ph.D., ProfessorApplied Mathematics, Modeling, Biomathematicsjun.yu@uvm.edu

Post Doctoral Associates

        Name & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail
Bo Yang, Ph.D., Post Doctoral AssociateIntegrable System & Mathematical PhysicsBo.Yang.1@uvm.edu

Adjunct Faculty

 Name & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail
William Jefferys, Ph.D., Adjunct ProfessorBayesian Statistics and Decision Theory.william.jefferys@uvm.edu

Jo Ellis-Monaghan, Adjunct Professor

Algebraic combinatorics, graph polynomials, applied graph theory in statistical mechanics, computer chip design, and bioinformatics.jellis-monaghan@smcvt.edu

David Hosmer, Adjunct Professor

Survival analysis, logistic regression, and biostatistics.dhosmer@uvm.edu
Beth Ruskai, Ph.D., Adjunct ProfessorMathematical Physics with a particular emphasis
on Quantum Information Theory
Jeffrey Solomon, M.S., Adjunct LecturerSampling, Statistical Process Control, Manufacturing StatisticsJeffrey.Solomon@uvm.edu
Daniel Velleman, Ph.D., Adjunct ProfessorLogic, Set Theorydjvelleman@amherst.edu


Secondary Appointments

 Name & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail
Peter Callas, Ph.D., Director of Biostatistic Core and Research Associate ProfessorCardiovascular Epidemiology, Medical Biostatistics, Telemedicine Programspeter.callas@uvm.edu
George PinderGeorge Pinder, Ph.D., ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering, Mathematic methods applied to groundwater hydrologygeorge.pinder@uvm.edu



 Name & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail
Taka Ashikaga, ProfessorTakamaru Ashikaga, Ph.D.
Program evaluation, longitudinal statistical models, discriminant analysis, pattern recognitionTakamaru.Ashikaga@uvm.edu
James BurgmeierJames W. Burgmeier, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusComputer Assisted Education, Integral Equations, Numerical Methodsjames.burgmeier@uvm.edu
Roger Cooke, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusFourier Analysis, History of Mathematicsroger.cooke@uvm.edu
Jeffrey H. Dinitz, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusCombinatoricsjeff.dinitz@uvm.edu
David DummitDavid S. Dummit, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusAlgebra and Number Theorydavid.dummit@uvm.edu
Richard M. Foote, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusGroup Theory and Applications, Algebraic Number Theoryrichard.foote@uvm.edu
xc Larry D. HaughLarry D. Haugh, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusStatistical process control and quality improvement; medical biostatisticslarry.haugh@uvm.edu
Jan Johansson, MA, Senior Lecturer EmeritusHyperbolic geometry, High School outreachjan.johansson@uvm.edu
William Lakin William Lakin, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusApplied Mathematics, Modeling, Biomathematicsbill.lakin@uvm.edu
Jack LawlorJack Lawlor, M.S., Senior Lecturer EmeritusGeometry, complex numbers and their interconnectionsjohn.lawlor@uvm.edu
Brian MacPherson, M.S., Lecturer EmeritusApplied probability, statistics educationbrian.macpherson@uvm.edu
Ruth Mickey, ProfessorRuth M. Mickey, Ph.D., Professor EmeritaCategorical data analysis, logistic regression, research methods in epidemiology, multi-center studiesruth.mickey@uvm.edu
Jonathan W. Sands, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusAlgebraic Number Theoryjonathan.sands@uvm.edu
Holly B. PuterbaughHolly B. Puterbaugh, M.S., Senior Lecturer EmeritaMathematics educationholly.puterbaugh@uvm.edu
Robert WrightRobert Wright, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusApproximation Theory, Computational Linear Algebrabob.wright@uvm.edu