Our Department takes pride in its reputation for great teaching, cutting-edge research, and the personal attention we give our students. Four of our faculty members have won Kroepsch-Maurice awards for excellence in teaching, and one member of our department is a recipient of the prestigious University Scholar award as well as a University Distinguished Professor. 


Full Time Faculty

 Name & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail
Spencer Backman, Ph.D., Assistant ProfessorAlgebraic and Geometric CombinatoricsSpencer.Backman@uvm.edu
James Bagrow, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorNetwork Science, Complex Systems, Data Science and Machine Learning, Computational Social Science, Mathematical ModelingJames.Bagrow@uvm.edu
Kevin Beard, M.B.A., Senior LecturerStatistics EducationKevin.Beard@uvm.edu
BentilDaniel Bentil, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorApplied Mathematics, Modeling, BiomathematicsDaniel.Bentil@uvm.edu
Karen Benway, M.S., Senior LecturerStatistics EducationKaren.Benway@uvm.edu
Jeffrey BuzasJeffrey S. Buzas, Ph.D., Professor, Director of StatisticsMeasurement Error Models, Instrumental VariablesJeff.Buzas@uvm.edu
nichole caisseNichole Caisse, M.S., LecturerApplied Mathematics, area of interest is Mathematical Biology, and Mathematics EducationNichole.Caisse@uvm.edu
Chip Cole, ProfessorBernard (Chip) Cole, Ph.D., ProfessorCancer Biostatistics, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Clinical Trials, Chemoprevention StudiesBernard.Cole@uvm.edu
Abigail CrockerAbigail Crocker, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorPublic Health, Resorative Justice, Social Determinants of Health, Research Methods, Applied StatisticsAbigail.Crocker@uvm.edu
Chris Danforth, Ph.D., ProfessorChaos, Mathematical Modeling, Computational Social Science, Complex Systems and Applied MathematicsChris.Danforth@uvm.edu
François Dorais, Ph.D., Senior LecturerMathematical LogicFrancois.Dorais@uvm.edu
Taylor DupuyTaylor Dupuy, Ph.D., Assistant ProfessorArithmetic Geometry, Differential Algebra, and Applied Model TheoryTaylor.Dupuy@uvm.edu
Erika Edwards, Ph.D., Research Associate ProfessorPerinatal Epidemiology, Health Care Quality Measurement, Health Care Utilization, Quality Improvement Evaluation.Erika.Edwards@uvm.edu
Mike Miller Eismeier, Assistant ProfessorGeometric topology, gauge theory, homological algebramike.miller-eismeier@uvm.edu
Krisan Geary, M.S.,
Senior Lecturer
Mathematics EducationKrisan.Geary@uvm.edu
Daniel Hathaway, Ph.D.,
Senior Lecturer
Set Theory and Mathematical LogicDaniel.Hathaway@uvm.edu
Jim Hefferon, Senior LecturerOpen texts, Computability Theory james.hefferon@@uvm.edu
Jeffrey Jewell, LecturerMathematics Educationjeffrey.jewell@uvm.edu
Tony JulianelleTony Julianelle, Ph.D., Senior LecturerMathematics Education, Complex ManifoldsTony.Julianelle@uvm.edu
Joseph Kudrle, M.S., Senior LecturerMathematics EducationJoseph.Kudrle@uvm.edu
Taras Lakoba, Assistant ProfessorTaras I. Lakoba, Ph.D., ProfessorStability of Numerical Methods, Perturbation Theory, Nonlinear Waves, Fiber OpticsTaras.Lakoba@uvm.edu
Laura Marthaler, M.S.,

Combinatorics, Graph Theory,

Data Communications, Networking

Jacob Martin, Ph.D., Senior LecturerStatistics EducationJacob.W.Martin@uvm.edu
Katherine Merrill, M.A., Senior LecturerStatistics and Mathematics Education


Alice Patania, Ph.D., Assistant ProfessorTopological Data Analysis, Computational Topology, Network Neuroscience, Network Scienceapatania@uvm.edu
Helen P. Read, M.S., Senior Lecturer, Vice ChairpersonComputer Technology in Mathematics InstructionHelen.Read@uvm.edu
David Rockoff, Ph.D., LecturerStatistics and Data Science EducationDavid.Rockoff@uvm.edu

Puck Rombach, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Graph/Network TheoryPuck.Rombach@uvm.edu
Joan Rosebush, M.Ed., Senior Lecturer, Director of Student Success and Math Graduate Program DirectorPrevention of Mathematics AnxietyJoan.Rosebush@uvm.edu
Richard SingleRichard Single, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorBiostatisticsRichard.Single@uvm.edu
Roger Tenore, M.S., LecturerGeneral Statistics and EducationRoger.Tenore@uvm.edu
Christelle Vincent

Christelle Vincent, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, and Mathematical CryptographyChristelle.Vincent@uvm.edu
Gregory Warrington, Ph.D., ProfessorCombinatoricsGregory.Warrington@uvm.edu
J. Michael Wilson, ProfessorJ. Michael Wilson, Ph.D., ProfessorFourier AnalysisMike.Wilson@uvm.edu
Jianke Yang, Ph.D., Williams Professor, University Distinguished Professor, ChairpersonNon-Linear Waves, Non-Linear Optics, Numerical MethodsJianke.Yang@uvm.edu
Jean-Gabriel Young, Ph.D., Assistant ProfessorStatistical Inference, Data Science, Complex Networks, Complex SystemsJean-Gabriel.Young@uvm.edu
Jun YuJun Yu, Ph.D., ProfessorApplied Mathematics, Modeling, BiomathematicsJun.Yu@uvm.edu