Our Department takes pride in its reputation for great teaching, cutting-edge research, and the personal attention we give our students. Five of our faculty members have won Kroepsch-Maurice awards for excellence in teaching, and one member of our department is a recipient of the prestigious University Scholar award. 


Graduate Student instructors can be found in the Graduate Student directory.

Department Staff

 NameOffice & PhoneEmail
Kiki Reno82 University Place E220 | 802-656-4281Kiki.Reno@uvm.edu
Barbara Asiimwe 82 University Place E220 | 802-656-4355 Barbara.Asiimwe@uvm.edu

Full Time Faculty

 Name & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail
Spencer Backman, Ph.D., Assistant ProfessorAlgebraic and Geometric CombinatoricsSpencer.Backman@uvm.edu
James Bagrow, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorNetwork Science, Complex Systems, Data Science and Machine Learning, Computational Social Science, Mathematical ModelingJames.Bagrow@uvm.edu
Kevin Beard, M.B.A., Senior LecturerStatistics Educationkevin.beard@uvm.edu
BentilDaniel Bentil, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorApplied Mathematics, Modeling, Biomathematicsdaniel.bentil@uvm.edu
Karen Benway, M.S., Senior LecturerStatistics Educationkaren.benway@uvm.edu
Janice Bunn, Research Assistant ProfessorJanice Bunn, Ph.D., Research Associate ProfessorMedical Biostatisticsjanice.bunn@uvm.edu
Jeffrey BuzasJeffrey S. Buzas, Ph.D., Professor, Chairperson, Director of StatisticsMeasurement Error Models, Instrumental Variablesjeff.buzas@uvm.edu
nichole caisseNichole Caisse, M.S., LecturerApplied Mathematics, area of interest is Mathematical Biology, and Mathematics EducationNichole.Caisse@uvm.edu
Chip Cole, ProfessorBernard (Chip) Cole, Ph.D., ProfessorCancer Biostatistics, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Clinical Trials, Chemoprevention Studiesbernard.cole@uvm.edu
Abigail CrockerAbigail Crocker, Ph.D., Research Assistant ProfessorChildren's Health, Health Care Policy, Applied Statisticsabigail.crocker@uvm.edu
Christopher Danforth, Ph.D., ProfessorChaos, Mathematical Modeling, Computational Social Science, Complex Systems and Applied Mathematicschris.danforth@uvm.edu
François Dorais, Ph.D., LecturerMathematical LogicFrancois.Dorais@uvm.edu
Taylor DupuyTaylor Dupuy, Ph.D., Assistant ProfessorArithmetic Geometry, Differential Algebra, and Applied Model Theorytaylor.dupuy@uvm.edu
Erika Edwards, Ph.D., Research Associate ProfessorEpidemiology; Applied Biostatisticserika.edwards@uvm.edu
Krisan Geary, M.S.,
Senior Lecturer
Mathematics Educationkrisan.geary@uvm.edu
Daniel Hathaway, Ph.D.,
Set Theory and Mathematical Logicdaniel.hathaway@uvm.edu
Tony JulianelleTony Julianelle, Ph.D., Senior LecturerMathematics Education, Complex ManifoldsTony.Julianelle@uvm.edu
Karla KarstensKarla Karstens, M.S., Senior LecturerMathematics Educationkarla.karstens@uvm.edu
Joseph Kudrle, M.S., Senior LecturerMathematics Educationjoseph.kudrle@uvm.edu
Taras Lakoba, Assistant ProfessorTaras I. Lakoba, Ph.D., ProfessorStability of Numerical Methods, Perturbation Theory, Nonlinear Waves, Fiber Opticstaras.lakoba@uvm.edu
Emily Malcolm-White, M.S., LecturerStatistics Educationebmwhite@uvm.edu
Laura Marthaler, M.S.,

Combinatorics, Graph Theory,

Data Communications, Networking

Jacob Martin, Ph.D., LecturerStatistics EducationJacob.W.Martin@uvm.edu
Katherine Merrill, M.A., Senior LecturerStatistics and Mathematics Education


Susan Ojala

Susan Ojala, Lecturer and Research Associate

Mathematics Educationsusan.ojala@uvm.edu
Helen P. Read, M.S., Senior LecturerComputer Technology in Mathematics Instructionhelen.read@uvm.edu

Puck Rombach, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, and Math Graduate Program Director

Graph/Network Theorypuck.rombach@uvm.edu
Joan Rosebush, M.Ed., Senior Lecturer and Director of Student SuccessMathematics Educationjoan.rosebush@uvm.edu
Paramita Saha Chaudhuri, Ph.D., Assistant ProfessorTime-Dependent Prediction Accuracy, Specimen Pooling, Privacy-Preserving Statistical ModelingParamita.Saha-Chaudhuri@uvm.edu
Richard SingleRichard Single, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorBiostatisticsrichard.single@uvm.edu
Christelle Vincent

Christelle Vincent, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometrychristelle.vincent@uvm.edu
Gregory Warrington, Ph.D., Professor, Associate ChairpersonCombinatoricsGregory.Warrington@uvm.edu
Sheila WeaverSheila O. Weaver, M.S., Senior LecturerStatistics Educationsheila.weaver@uvm.edu
J. Michael Wilson, ProfessorJ. Michael Wilson, Ph.D., ProfessorFourier Analysismike.wilson@uvm.edu
Jianke Yang, Ph.D., ProfessorNon-Linear Waves, Non-Linear Optics, Numerical Methodsjianke.yang@uvm.edu
Jun YuJun Yu, Ph.D., ProfessorApplied Mathematics, Modeling, Biomathematicsjun.yu@uvm.edu

Post Doctoral Associates

        Name & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail
Bo Yang, Ph.D., Post Doctoral AssociateIntegrable System & Mathematical PhysicsBo.Yang.1@uvm.edu

Adjunct Faculty

 Name & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail
William Jefferys, Ph.D., Adjunct ProfessorBayesian Statistics and Decision Theory.william.jefferys@uvm.edu

Jo Ellis-Monaghan, Adjunct Professor

Algebraic combinatorics, graph polynomials, applied graph theory in statistical mechanics, computer chip design, and bioinformatics.jellis-monaghan@smcvt.edu

David Hosmer, Adjunct Professor

Survival analysis, logistic regression, and biostatistics.dhosmer@uvm.edu
Beth Ruskai, Ph.D., Adjunct ProfessorMathematical Physics with a particular emphasis
on Quantum Information Theory
Jeffrey Solomon, M.S., Adjunct LecturerSampling, Statistical Process Control, Manufacturing StatisticsJeffrey.Solomon@uvm.edu
Daniel Velleman, Ph.D., Adjunct ProfessorLogic, Set Theorydjvelleman@amherst.edu


Secondary Appointments

 Name & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail
Peter Callas, Ph.D., Director of Biostatistic Core and Research Associate ProfessorCardiovascular Epidemiology, Medical Biostatistics, Telemedicine Programspeter.callas@uvm.edu
George PinderGeorge Pinder, Ph.D., ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering, Mathematic methods applied to groundwater hydrologygeorge.pinder@uvm.edu



 Name & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail
Taka Ashikaga, ProfessorTakamaru Ashikaga, Ph.D.
Program evaluation, longitudinal statistical models, discriminant analysis, pattern recognitionTakamaru.Ashikaga@uvm.edu
James BurgmeierJames W. Burgmeier, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusComputer Assisted Education, Integral Equations, Numerical Methodsjames.burgmeier@uvm.edu
Roger Cooke, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusFourier Analysis, History of Mathematicsroger.cooke@uvm.edu
Jeffrey H. Dinitz, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusCombinatoricsjeff.dinitz@uvm.edu
David DummitDavid S. Dummit, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusAlgebra and Number Theorydavid.dummit@uvm.edu
Richard M. Foote, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusGroup Theory and Applications, Algebraic Number Theoryrichard.foote@uvm.edu
xc Larry D. HaughLarry D. Haugh, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusStatistical process control and quality improvement; medical biostatisticslarry.haugh@uvm.edu
Jan Johansson, MA, Senior Lecturer EmeritusHyperbolic geometry, High School outreachjan.johansson@uvm.edu
William Lakin William Lakin, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusApplied Mathematics, Modeling, Biomathematicsbill.lakin@uvm.edu
Jack LawlorJack Lawlor, M.S., Senior Lecturer EmeritusGeometry, complex numbers and their interconnectionsjohn.lawlor@uvm.edu
Brian MacPherson, M.S., Lecturer EmeritusApplied probability, statistics educationbrian.macpherson@uvm.edu
Ruth Mickey, ProfessorRuth M. Mickey, Ph.D., Professor EmeritaCategorical data analysis, logistic regression, research methods in epidemiology, multi-center studiesruth.mickey@uvm.edu
Jonathan W. Sands, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusAlgebraic Number Theoryjonathan.sands@uvm.edu
Holly B. PuterbaughHolly B. Puterbaugh, M.S., Senior Lecturer EmeritaMathematics educationholly.puterbaugh@uvm.edu
Robert WrightRobert Wright, Ph.D., Professor EmeritusApproximation Theory, Computational Linear Algebrabob.wright@uvm.edu