Extension Associate Professor, Emeritus

Linda Berlin retired as of June 2022 having been a faculty member at UVM since 1992.

Linda Berlin stretched Vermonters` thinking to consider the range of factors, from personal preference to food availability and cost, that influence our every day food choices.

Her primary interest involved working across disciplines to better understand food system concerns and to identify approaches that have the potential to achieve multiple objectives related to consumers` needs and interests, the environment, and sustainable agriculture. Her PhD dissertation research involved interviewing consumers about their attitudes and perceptions regarding organic food.


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Associations and Affiliations

  • Society for Nutrition Education: Food and Nutrition Extension Educators
Linda Berlin

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Working across disciplines to better understand food system concerns


  • PhD, Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University, 2006
  • MS, Community Nutrition, Cornell University, 1990
  • BA, Agriculture and Human Health, The Evergreen State College, 1983