Clinical Associate Professor, MSD Program Director

Farryl Bertmann, PhD, RDN, is a Clinical Associate Professor and the Program Director of the Coordinated Graduate Program in Dietetics in the UVM Nutrition and Food Sciences Department. She is also an affiliate of the UVM Food Systems Program. Dr. Farryl’s focus areas include inclusive and weight-neutral approaches to health promotion, maternal and child health equity, and improving food security. She is passionate about nutrition programs that are sustainable, evidence-based, and reflect a sense of co-ownership with community members and partners. She has been collaborating with stakeholders from rural Vermont to rural Kenya; along the way, she strives to create community-based research opportunities for her students.

Dr. Farryl believes the goal of teaching is to kindle in students the passion for life learning. She feels students are best prepared for their careers when they are valued, respected, welcomed, represented, and supported. She hopes to inspire students to strive to address and mitigate barriers their future clients could face in their journey to a life of health. She wants her students to seek opportunities to broaden and expand their understanding of health equity, in any circumstance, through applied, evidence-based inquiry.


Research and/or Creative Works

Current projects:

  • COVID-19’s impact on the Vermont farming community and associated changes in stress, mental health, and emotional eating;
  • Regional differences in food & sports-based social cohesion during humanitarian events;
  • COVID-19’s impact on LGBTQ+ health outcomes;
  • Infant formula shortages and the risk of homemade infant formula.


  • McCarthy A, Belarmino, Bertmann F, Niles MT. Food Security Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Longitudinal Evidence from a Cohort of Adults in Vermont During the FirstYear. Nutrients; 2022. In press
  • Wirkkala K, Niles MT, Belarmino E, Bertmann FMW. The Fruits of Labor: Home Food Procurement and Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19. J Hunger & Environmental Nutrition; 2022. In press
  • Bertmann FMW, Glagola Dunn C, Racine E, Fleischhacker S, The Risk of Homemade Infant Formulas – Historical and Contemporary Considerations. JAND; 2022;122:704-708
  • Harper K, Belarmino EH, Acciai F, Bertmann F, Ohri-Vachaspati P. Patterns of food assistance program participation, food insecurity, and pantry use among US households withchildren during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nutrients; 2022. In press
  • Bertmann FMW, Rogomentich K, Belarmino E, Niles MT. The Food Bank and Food Pantries Help Food Insecure Participants Maintain Fruit and Vegetable Intake during COVID-19. Frontiers in Nutrition; 2021.
  • Niles MT, Wirkkala K, Belarmino E, Bertmann FMW. Home Food Procurement Impacts Food Security and Diet Quality during COVID-19. BMC Public Health;
  • Niles MT, Bertmann FMW, Belarmino E, Wentworth T, Biehl E, Neff RA. The early food insecurity impacts of COVID-19. Nutrients; 2020.
  • Eakin H, Connors JP, Wharton C, Bertmann FMW, Xiong A, Stoltzfus. Towards Principles of Food System Sustainability: Emerging Themes and Consensus. Agriculture and Human Values. 2017; 34:757-773
  • Althoff RR, Ametti M, Bertmann FMW. The Role of Food Insecurity in Developmental Psychopathology. Preventive Medicine. 2016;92:106-109

Awards and Recognition

  • 2020 Excellence in Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Leadership Award, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2020
  • Outstanding New Service-Learning Faculty Award, Community-University Partnerships & Service-Learning (CUPS), The University of Vermont, 2019
  • Outstanding Dietetics Educator, Vermont Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2016
  • Everyday Hero, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation, Kids Eat Right, 2015

Associations and Affiliations

Dr. Farryl’s service to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Academy), over the last five years,  includes, Chair of the Global Member Interest Group for the Academy, President of the Vermont Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Education Chair of the Academy’s HEN DPG, and invited member of the Academy’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee (D &I) Advisory Group.

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Global Member Interest Group - Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Vermont Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Dietetics Practice Group


Farryl Bertmann, PhD

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

  • Inclusive, weight-neutral approaches to health promotion
  • Maternal and child health equity
  • Food Security


  • PhD, Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness, Arizona State University, 2013
  • MS, Applied Biology, Arizona State University, 2009
  • MA, German, Arizona State University, 2004
  • BS, Wildlife Biology, University of Vermont, 2000


  • 802-656-4336
Office Location:

255 MLS Carrigan Wing

Office Hours:

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