Campus Construction Updates
Central Campus Residence Hall (CCRH)
Egress Door Renovations

June 10 - August 1, 2020
Modification of the storefront door and window assemblies will take place at CCRH in order to provide safer egress from the building starting in mid-June 2020.  The work is limited to the East Building, and most work activities will be at the exterior of the building. 

Some localized construction noise and activity impacts will occur.

Cohen Hall White Box Renovation
June 22 - October 15, 2020
Neagley and Chase Construction Company will be working on the Cohen Hall White Box Renovation project.  Cohen Hall Room 201 will become an Active Learning Classroom and Room 107 will become a Collision Lab for the College of Arts & Sciences.  The anticipated completion of this part of the project is
August 21, 2020.

The Dance Studio will renovated for use as a multi-function space for integrated arts.   A new control room will be built above the existing storage space overlooking the Dance Studio.  The anticipated completion for this part of the project is October 15, 2020.

Farrell Hall Room 208A & 209 Modifications
July 27 – August 30, 2020

Modifications of kitchenette, walls & finishes.
Some localized construction noise and activity impacts will occur.

Given Water Tower Painting
July through October 2020
The City of Burlington Department of Public works is completing the work started in the fall of 2019 with painting of the water tower in the Given Parking Lot.  The work will involve providing a containment area for painting preparation, this will create a loss of about 12 parking spaces, followed by painting the exterior of the water tower.  The duration of the project is intended to be from the end of July through mid-October 2020.
On Campus Multipurpose Center
May 22, 2019 – 2022

The Patrick/Forbush/Gutterson Complex will receive an upgrade and expansion to UVM’s athletic facilities. 

The road between PFG Road and Davis Road and the Horseshoe parking lot will be closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.  The south exit on the upper level of the parking garage will be closed but north access will remain open.  All horseshoe parking lot access doors, loading dock, upper stairs to PFG will be closed.  Field 5 on the south side of PFG will become a contractor staging area and a construction access route will be installed along the west side of PFG

Recital Hall Expansion and Renovation
March 9 - September 22, 2020
The Recital Hall Expansion and Renovation project will include a new two-story addition that will improve instructional space for the Music Department.  Work will include piano storage, green room with kitchen, bathroom and shower as well as two big rehearsal rooms.  Fencing will be erected around the construction site and will include the north parking lot.  Pedestrian ingress/egress, along the north entrance of the Recital Hall, will be maintained.  Notifications will be posted as activities change during construction.  A map is attached for your reference.  On April 27, upgrades to the Recital Hall will begin.  Work will include improved acoustics, new lighting, storage and reupholstered seats.

Construction noise and activity impacts will occur and these will be managed as best they can by the contractor.


Rowell Basement Level Renovations
June 9 - August 2020
Interior renovations primarily to rooms 003A and 003B to provide upgraded spaces for students and accessible entrances.  The corridors directly around these spaces will be impacted minimally as well during this time.
Votey Students at Work
Second Floor Renovations

May 5, 2020 through August 2020
Interior renovations primarily to the core of the second floor at Votey to provide upgraded student spaces and research capabilities.


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