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English: Reading and Writing Your World

Why Study English?

Literary studies cover a vast range of human experience and confer essential skills in communication, persuasion, creativity, and critical analysis.

The English Department offers classes in British, American, and anglophone world literature; rhetoric and composition; creative writing; critical theory; and cultural studies. Discover English.



Housed in the English Department, Film and Television Studies offers both a major and a minor. Courses explore everything from the aesthetic to the art of television and film. Learn more about the Film and Television Studies program.


Image of UVM's 2014 graduating class

2014 English Major Finds Success

Whoever says English majors have poor prospects hasn't met Josh Goldsmith. Less than one year out from graduation, he's part of a team that's up for a Webby award for its work promoting the Christopher Nolan film Interstellar. More»

Study Abroad

University of Kent

The Buckham Overseas Program offers an unparalleled experience and education to UVM English majors wishing to study in Canterbury, England. At the University of Kent, English majors can earn credits that transfer back to UVM. Find out more about the program.

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