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What can I do with an MA in English?

An MA in English can open the doors to many exciting professional and educational possibilities.  Here is what some of our recent alums have gone on to do.

Since 2005, a number of our MA students have ended up in PhD programs in English and a range of related disciplines at highly ranked universities across the country:

  • Tufts University (English)
  • SUNY Buffalo (English)
  • Oklahoma State University (English)
  • SUNY Binghamton (English)
  • Vanderbilt (English)
  • University of Virginia (English)
  • University of Minnesota (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies)
  • Indiana University (Communication and Culture)
  • Michigan State University (American Studies)
  • University of Vermont (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies)
  • Rice University (History)
  • University of Pittsburgh (Composition)
  • Claremont Graduate School (Cultural Studies)

Other alums have gone on to become public and private high school teachers, adjunct college instructors, journalists and creative writers, higher education administrators, and staff members at educational and scientific publishers. They include UVM's Web News Editor and contributor to Vermont Quarterly, a senior editor at Random House, a production specialist at W.W. Norton, an author of children's books, a university librarian, a project manager at a wind energy firm, a teacher of English and ASL in Israel, a creative writer and photographer, an advertising account manager, a published novelist, and an administrator of an organization serving people with developmental disabilities.



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