Be someone who makes meaning in the world

English is one of UVM's most popular majorsfor good reason.

The curriculum embraces a global canon of literary and cultural studies, as well as creative writing and compositon. Majors and minors enjoy small, discussion-based classes; develop mentoring relationships with professors who are leaders in their fields; have many opportunities to interact with visiting writers and scholars; and find successful careers in a variety of professions.

Degree Offerings and Requirements (UVM Catalogue):

Major in English

Minor in English

Minor in Writing

Minor in Reporting and Documentary Storytelling

The Reporting and Documentary Storytelling minor is housed in the Center of Research in Vermont, and features many English and Film and Television Studies courses.




All English majors will choose a concentration from one of the options below. See courses by concentration for the spring 2019 semester.

  • American Literary Traditions
  • British and Anglophone Literary Traditions
  • Cultural Studies
  • Individually Designed
  • Writing




Pre-2016 Major in English and Pre-2016 Minor in English Requirements.
Beginning in fall 2016, we offer a restructured Major and Minor in English. Students who enrolled before fall 2016 may choose whether to complete the old or new English Major or Minor.  If you have any questions contact your advisor.

Serious about Success?

Using the skills learned in English classes, our majors go on to succeed in education, law, journalism, government, publishing, marketing, publicity, and many other fields.

Our current faculty includes eleven winners of UVM's Kroepsch-Maurice Award for Teaching Excellence.

Learn more about our faculty.

Graduate employment rate



  • Attorney at Law
  • Editor
  • Journalism
  • Legislative Correspondent in the U.S. Senate
  • Digital Production Specialist
  • Development Coordinator
  • Manager and Business Development Executive

Where alumni work

  • Apple
  • United States Senate
  • W.W. Norton
  • Yahoo! Entertainment
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Vermont Agency of Human Services
  • Vermont newspaper

Graduate Schools

  • Brandeis
  • Columbia
  • University of Virginia
  • Georgetown
  • George Washington
  • Harvard
  • Penn State
  • Rice
  • Tufts
  • Pittsburgh
  • Stanford
  • Yale

Related Information

Learning Outcomes

English Major Learning Outcomes

  •  Students will gain an understanding of the range and diversity of literatures in English.
  • Students will gain an understanding of a variety of genres, modes, and critical perspectives.
  • Students will be able to analyze literary forms, historical and cultural contexts, and critical theories.
  • Students will learn close reading skills and the terms and concepts essential to interpretive argument.
  • Students will become skilled and discerning writers working in argumentative, analytical, and/or creative modes.