• view from behind the Hollywood sign, looking down at buildings on a lush green hill

    Hollywood's Cat Connection

    UVM Film and Television Studies Professor Sarah Nilsen took a dozen UVM students to Los Angeles for four jam-packed days over the winter break as a capstone experience for a course on the movie industry.

  • Channeling Disney: American Wildlife Revisited

    '18 Alum Matt Schildkamp collected clips of Florida Everglades nature for project inspired by 1953 Disney True-Life Adventure film.

  • UVM Film students getting real world experience in a professional setting.

    UVM Fellowship to Stowe Story Labs

    Senior Matt Schildkamp was the selected UVM film student for the inaugural UVM fellowship to Stowe Story Labs, a nonprofit that helps promote emerging talent from around the world.

  • Kilik comes home

    Film producer and alum John Kilik (Hunger Games, Dead Man Walking, Foxcatcher) makes regular returns to UVM for screening films and talking to students.

Advocate and artist Alex Escaja-Heiss named a top influencer of LGBTQ youth

Alex Escaja-Heiss, a double major in film and television studies and gender, sexuality and women’s studies at UVM, was recognized this month by GLAAD as one of “20  Under 20: Young  LGBTQ  People Shaping The Future of Media and Activism” in Teen Vogue magazine.

The Pride Month feature “recognizes that, now more than ever, today’s youth, especially LGBT young people, plan an instrumental role in fostering sustainable and inclusive cultural change.” GLAAD is an organization devoted to countering discrimination against LGBTQ individuals.

Escaja-Heiss began to adopt filmmaking as a medium to interpret his own world view during his years as a student at South Burlington’s Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School, where he participated in a film and TV broadcasting club.

“I got hooked—film is a medium that’s so evocative, that can convey ideas so powerfully. I also watched a lot of movies around that time that really changed my ideas and perspectives. I wanted to create the same kind of challenging content.”

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Film and Television Major Devon White's short film, The Age of Quarantine, was selected "Best Film" in VTIFF's Shelter in Place Showcase Spring 2020

UVM Student Featured Work:

My video is aout people in my life that I am in contact with since self-quarantine. I decided to use animation because I had the materials to do it and I wanted to explore the medium.  I really enjoyed making the end part.   I used one sound clip that I found on YouTube of bats calling each other.  I really like how abstract it was but I don't think anyone would have picked up on what it is.  I really like the experimental documentary format. There are so many possibilities and I would love to work on more. Jess Armstrong ‘21, FTS 141, Spring 2020

FTS Film Festival Experiences


In collaboration with the Vermont International Film Festival, FTS offers a 1-credit course each fall structured around the ten-day festival. This year we expanded our festival experience by offering a 4-day travel trip to the renowned Camden International Film Festival in Maine. For more information please contact Professor and FTS Director Deb Ellis.

Student Run Film Club

The UVM Film Club is dedicated to producing and critiquing films as well as expanding the community's awareness of cinema as a medium. Check out their club and other media clubs at UVM.


Walt Disney Travel Abroad Class

This winter travel course will examine the centrality of Walt Disney to the development of American media culture and its global spread.