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The Writing Center

Located in Howe Library, the Writing Center offers support for student writers throughout their experience at UVM. The Writing Center is staffed by about fifty undergraduates from a variety of disciplines. These peer tutors work with students in individual, group, and classroom settings. Students can consult with a tutor about any aspect of writing, at any point in the writing process. Peer tutors engage students in conversations and activities designed not only to meet their immediate needs in relation to a specific project but also to help them develop as writers. Students visit the Writing Center throughout their UVM experience; over 40 percent of last year’s visits were from juniors and seniors.

The Writing Center is open for individual appointments or walk-in sessions for over 50 hours each week.

The Writing in the Disciplines Program

The Writing in the Disciplines Program (WID), located in Howe Library, works with departments and individual faculty to support the teaching of writing in majors and courses across campus. To nurture a vibrant writing culture on campus, we offer workshops and other programs in a variety of formats, all geared to help faculty provide top-quality intellectual experiences for students learning the ways of their major disciplines.

Working closely with the Writing Center, WID also offers the WID Mentor Program, which places advanced tutors in selected upper-level courses in the disciplines. WID tailors programs for departments and is always open to new collaborations.