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Independent Study

The independent study courses are ENGS 197, ENGS 297 and ENGS 397 (graduate students only). With the advice and approval of a faculty sponsor, you can design your own study project. It cannot duplicate any of the department's regular course offerings.

After discussing your potential independent study opportunity with your faculty sponsor, you will need to complete this fillable PDF and obtain the required signatures from your academic advisor and your faculty sponsor. This form can be emailed to them to obtain electronic signatures. Once they sign, they should email the form back to you. Then upload the signed proposal form and your proposal at this site. The deadline for approvals and registration for ENGS 197, ENGS 297, or ENGS 397 is the end of the add/drop period.

Doing all things with purpose

Craft your own experience at UVM with an independent study!

Explore what interests you with the helpful guidance and supervision of a faculty sponsor.

Need more information?

For additional information regarding ENGS 197 or ENGS 297 please contact the Department Chair Professor John Gennari at John.Genarri@uvm.edu. For more information on ENGS 397, please contact Professor Helen Scott at  Helen.Scott@uvm.edu