Orange barThe University of Vermont Green & Gold Scholarship is an academic merit scholarship program which considers the nomination of the most academically talented rising high school senior from every eligible Vermont secondary school, and Vermont residents attending select border schools. As a Green & Gold Scholar, an invitation to UVM's prestigious Honors College is included.


Eligibility Criteria & Nomination Process

Eligibility Criteria

  • The high school principal (or their designee) from each eligible Vermont High School will nominate the most academically talented student at the end of the junior year.
  • To receive the Green and Gold Scholars Award, selected students must be a competitive applicant, meet or exceed minimum entrance requirements to the university and for the selected program, apply for admission by January 15 of the senior year, and must choose to attend UVM by May 1 of the semester prior to enrollment.
  • Nominees must be residents of the state of Vermont as defined by UVM residency regulations.
  • Green and Gold nominees must graduate from the nominating high school.
  • Vermont residents attending an out-of-state high school are not eligible for the Green and Gold Scholarship unless the high school is considered to be an eligible out-of-state high school. They may however be eligible for other scholarships designated for Vermont residents.
  • Eligible out-of-state high schools are those that have formal agreements that require students from Vermont communities to attend a particular out-of-state high school. This often includes, but is not limited to, bussing, budgetary and/or formal enrollment agreements. The top Vermont student nominated by an eligible out-of-state school must be in the top 10% of their class.
  • Green and Gold nominees who are eligible for tuition remission at The University of Vermont will receive a $2,000 annual Green and Gold Scholarship.

Nomination Process

  • The University of Vermont Admissions Office will email a nomination packet to the principal of each public Vermont high school, selected Vermont independent high schools and eligible border high schools in May. The school Counseling Office will be copied on all nomination correspondence.
  • The principal or their designee must return the official Green and Gold nomination form, a transcript of the nominees full year junior grades, and a list of the nominees senior year classes to UVM no later than the last week of June.
  • Nominee selection is based solely on academic achievement. Each high school may establish criteria to determine academic achievement. UVM asks only that the school identify the most academically talented student in the class and that standardized test scores not serve as the sole determination of excellence. In the event of a tie, schools may take into account the course of study pursued; strong performance in college-level courses; involvement in extracurricular activities; commitment to community service; and school leadership roles.
  • The scholarship nomination is not intended for the strongest student likely to attend UVM, but the most academically talented Vermont student enrolled at the high school.
  • In the event that the most academically talented student at a Vermont high school is not a Vermont resident, the school may nominate the most academically talented Vermont resident within the school, provided the student is in the top 10% of their class.
  • The University of Vermont may choose not to accept a high school’s nomination if the student has not pursued a rigorous high school schedule of courses, or is not competitive.
  • UVM will notify recipients of the Green and Gold Scholars Award in late August / early September.
  • Once students have been notified of the award, high schools may not submit another nomination for the award, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Recipients must apply for admission by January 15 and must choose to attend UVM by May 1 of the semester prior to enrollment.
  • Once the student is admitted to the University, they will be automatically awarded the Green and Gold Scholarship and an invitation to UVM's Honors College. An offer letter will be sent to the student describing the scholarship terms and the various benefits available through the scholarship program. A student awarded the Green and Gold Scholarship is under no obligation to accept the scholarship, the invitation to the Honors College, or to attend UVM.
  • In the event that a Green & Gold nominee chooses not to attend the University of Vermont, the high school may not nominate a second student.