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University of Vermont (UVM) and UVM Medical Center are involved in important behavioral and biomedical research and are committed to assuring that all research activities are conducted in a manner that promotes the rights and welfare of the participants.


Required Training through CITI

All faculty, students and staff involved in the conduct of research with human subjects, regardless of funding source, must complete the Human Subjects Training through CITI.  In addition, principal investigators or key personnel working on a clinical trial involving human subjects and all personnel affiliated with the UVM Larner College of Medicine will need to complete the Good Clinical Practice Training. Every three years, all personnel still listed on an active protocol are required to retake the training. Follow the link below for instructions on how to access CITI and add the appropriate course to complete.

CITI Program Training | PDF icon(PDF)

A certificate of completion can be obtained from your CITI main menu at any time. Additionally, you may follow the link below to view the list of people who have completed the required training. 

IRB Training Completions

Determine if the Project Requires IRB Review

Before proceeding with a new protocol it is important that you first determine if your project requires IRB review and approval.

IRB Review and Approval | PDF icon(PDF)

Electronic Submission Guidance (UVMClick)

UVMClick is a paperless, electronic method to submit new protocols, modifications, continuing reviews and reportable new information.

Investigators should visit our Forms Library and the "User Guides" to prepare a submission.

Forms Library | PDF icon(PDF)

UVMClick "User Guides" | PDF icon(PDF)

Single/External IRB (Cooperative Research)

In January 2018 the NIH mandated the use of Single IRB for all NIH-sponsored multi-site protocols.   Over the last year UVM has entered into multiple agreements to rely on other IRBs.  On January 20, 2020, the last requirement under the 2018 Final Common Rule, Single IRB for all federally funded multi-site protocols, will be in effect.  Below are links to instructions, forms, and educational materials in this regard.

Federalwide Assurance (FWA) & IRB Registration

An Assurance is the documentation of institutional commitment to comply with Federal regulations and maintain adequate programs and procedures for the protection of human participants. This is the principal mechanism for compliance oversight by the Office for Human Research Protections.   The University of Vermont Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) which serve the University of Vermont and UVM Medical Center are organized and operate in compliance with the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Federalwide Assurance Information

  • University of Vermont & State Agricultural College FWA Number FWA00000723
  • The University of Vermont Medical Center Inc. FWA Number FWA00000727
  • The expiration date for these assurances changes frequently. If you need the expiration date, enter the applicable FWA Number, and click "Search".
  • The Terms that apply for both FWAs are available under "A. Terms of the Federalwide Assurance for Institutions Within the United States"

The IRBs that serve the two institutions are registered to the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College (IORG 0000289) with the Department of Health & Human Services. Registration numbers for the IRBs are:

News & Special Notices

A program of continuing education and training in the protection of human subjects is a federal requirement. We use our IRB listserve and specifically the Newsletters to partially fulfill this mandate. Key personnel listed on each protocol are required to receive and review information provided in this listserve. If at any time key personnel lose their ability to receive these notices (based upon return email notice), the principal investigator will be notified of the problem. Those key personnel will be inactivated in our system until the problem has been resolved. Of note, key personnel who have been inactivated in the IRB system should not be participating in any research until they have been reactivated.

Educational Resources

Self-Audit Tools for Researchers

Education Materials

Additional UVM Consent Process and Documentation Training

Plain Language Medical Dictionary

Human Gene Transfer

“Human Gene Transfer” or “HGT” is used to describe research involving the transfer of recombinant DNA, or DNA or RNA derived from recombinant DNA, into human subjects. It is also sometimes referred to as “Gene Therapy.”

Effective April 27, 2016, UVM Institutional Biosafety Committee will determine whether investigator-initiated research requires RAC review based on specific criteria. If the project is sponsored, the sponsor is responsible for determining if RAC review is required.

Review and approval of a gene transfer protocol can be complex, therefore we have developed a step-by-step guide for submission of a human gene transfer protocol at UVM/UVMMC.

Other Resources

UVM Medical Center Information

UVM Medical Center Research Subject Registrations

Researchers and research staff are required to associate any UVM Health Network patients executing a new consent form to participate in a research study to the research study in Epic.   For more information please see Research Subject Registration Requirements and UVM Health Network Research4 policy.

Credentialing Process for University of Vermont Clinical Research Personnel

It is mandatory for University of Vermont (UVM) employees involved in clinical research activities at The University of Vermont Medical Center (UVMMC) to complete and submit the credentialing documents to the Office of Clinical Trials Research (OCTR).  This includes working on projects involving direct patient interaction, retrieving blood, tissue, or health record data review.

Credentialing for Clinical Research Personnel

Guidelines for Registering a Clinical Trial on

What Is the Definition of a Clinical Trial for Registration Purposes? (opens in a new window)

Clinical Trials Registration Information - Last updated June 16, 2020 (PDF)



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