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    In Recent Years

    UVM has seen a dramatic increase in its intellectual property and technology. 53 out of 162 patents were issued in the past 5 years and 43 companies and institutions have active licenses from UVM and are commercializing the technologies.

UVM Innovations enables new and existing companies to commercialize new technologies that benefit society.

Work with Us

Call or email us at 802-656-8780 or innovate@uvm.edu

We understand successful collaboration is a merger of cultural and intellectual objectives, as well as a reasonable economic expectations. The UVM Innovations team brings together distinguished University of Vermont investigators with world class IP attorneys to transform UVM discoveries into robust intellectual property.

Our team of seasoned tech transfer professionals looks forward to working with our commercial partners, established and new, to bring these innovations to market.

For Industry

License profitable inventions in fields ranging from bioengineering and digital health to environment and materials science.

Available Technologies

For UVM Innovators

Discover the commercial potential of your innovation, protect your intellectual property, and market it to potential licensees.

Commercialization Guide