Due to their potential for misuse and abuse, items listed by the U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), scheduled drugs (controlled substances) are subject to special procurement, storage, use and disposal requirements. It is the responsibility of individual researchers and other staff using these materials to obtain appropriate registrations and licenses.

The Vice President for Research appoints the Controlled Substance Committee (CSC) with authority to authorize researchers’ use of controlled substances at UVM, and to review researcher activities for compliance with safety and security requirements.

Training Requirements and Education

Procedures and information for UVM registrants and authorized users is included in this DEA Controlled Substances Training.

Note: If you are having difficulty downloading the training file, please contact Aubrie.Clas@uvm.edu for assistance.

DEA and CSC Registration Processes

Visit this page to learn the CSC submission process. Submission link from sidebar.


Forms and Guidance

Visit this page to download forms and templates for maintaining a registration.


CALL (800) 461-9330
TEXT: (802) 441-6649


All employees and students are required to report diversion of controlled substances.  Any suspected theft, loss, or diversion must be immediately reported to:

  • UVM Police Services at (802)656-3473 or police@uvm.edu,
  • UVM Office of Compliance Services at (802) 656-3086 or at compliance@uvm.edu, and
  • Area DEA Field Division Office must be notified in writing within one business day of discovery of loss or theft. Completion and submission of the DEA Form 106, "Report of Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances" is also required.

Follow the Anonymous Reporting procedures if you want your identity to be protected.