Below is a spreadsheet detailing how credits have previously transferred back to UVM from study abroad programs, so that students in the GoAbroad post-acceptance process can complete the “Confirm Your Host University/Study Abroad Program’s Credit and Grading System” form, and better understand their host university/program’s grading and credit systems. Note: this is intended to serve as guidance and may be subject to change since the last time credits were received from the program.

This spreadsheet contains:

  • The name and location of your host university/program
  • The grading scale used at your host university/program
    • Most universities abroad do not use an A-F scale like the US, and even if they do, each letter grade may correspond to a different percentage than in the US.
  • Minimum passing grade at your host university/program
    • This is the minimum grade you need to receive while abroad in order to get credit for a course, as is equivalent to a C at UVM.
  • Your host university/program’s credit conversion rate
    • The credits you earn at your host university/program abroad may not be worth the same number of credits at UVM. For example, in most of Europe ECTS credits are used, which are worth half of a UVM credit. This means that 5 ECTS is the equivalent of 2.5 UVM credits. In order to remain in full-time status you must be enrolled in a minimum of 24 ECTS. Please be sure to check with an academic advisor if courses under 3 credits can be applied towards your degree requirements.
  • The institution where your study abroad transcript should come from
    • This is often your host university abroad, but some program providers like CIEE, IES, and Round River (and others) have a School of Record that will provide your transcript instead.

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For questions about how credits can be applied towards UVM degree requirements, please contact Student Services in your college/school.

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Study Abroad Transfer Credit Spreadsheet