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Microsoft Teams – Using channels for small group meetings

Using Teams Channels to simulate small groups in Microsoft Teams

After creating a Team, you are able to add Channels, organized by topics, weeks, or small groups. It is possible to have up to 30 private and 200 open channels in your Team.

In order to avoid confusion, we recommend having very specific purposes for your channels. For instance, you may want one Channel per lab section or one Channel for each small group. These subgroups of students can then use the Channel to hold group meetings, share documents, and collaborate with each other.







The General channel is available to all members of the Team.

The other channels that you create can be open to all members OR private to particular members. The private channel has a padlock icon.

To start a small group meeting in a channel:

A student will click on a channel for their group. We are using the “group 2” channel in this example.

One person will start the meeting using the “MEET” video camera icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to join an in-progress meeting in a channel

Once the meeting is started, anyone can click on the channel in the team and “Join Now” using the button. Participants may use audio and video in the channel meeting. There is also a file structure in a Teams Channel so students can share collaborative documents. (See documentation here on TEAMS collaborative documents.)



Updated on July 28, 2020

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