Explore Radical Self Care.

Radical self care is engaging positively in your wellbeing. It is identity development and understanding what you need in order to thrive.  Living Well is on the first floor of the Davis Center and our central location will enable you to easily attend our programs and events.

We provide leadership and training opportunities in addition to events and programming. Come by our office to learn more! Reach out to us: livingwell@uvm.edu

Examining White Identity Retreat

The Examining White Identity Retreat is an opportunity for students who identify as white to engage in self-reflection and build skills to create a more inclusive campus community.

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Visit with Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs for Destress Central

Every Friday at noon Living Well has Therapy Dog office hours. Come by Living Well to visit with a dog and get some good relax time in. 

Get a Free Massage

Get a Free Massage at Living Well

Schedule your free fifteen minute massage through mywellbeing.uvm.edu. Massages are just the thing to help you relax!

Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness

Meditating Student

Engage Mindfulness with a variety of programs offered at Living Well.  Check out our full shedule of mindfulness activities and discover how to get involved, develop your own practice, try it for the first time, or become a member of our outreach team.

Relaxation Room

Visit our relaxation room and massage chair. You can drop in to Living Well during our office hours from 8:30-4:30 and sign up for our relaxation room.  This is a great little room to use if you need a break, want a quick nap or just want to try out the massage chair.