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Our goal in promoting health and wellbeing is to give you the tools and resources for success at UVM and beyond. We do this by promoting radical self care, supporting access to medical and mental health services, and helping co-create an environment in which our entire UVM community feels safe, supported and seen. 

Most programs take take place in Living Well, our health hub in the Davis Center. 

Alcohol, Cannabis, and Other Drugs

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Whether you're looking to develop a healthier pattern of use, you want to take a break, join a recovery community, or something else, we offer a variety of programs, services, and resources-- all in a supportive, judgement-free space.

Learn more about Alcohol, Cannabis, and Other Drugs Programs and Resources

Community Health

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Dismantling Systems of Racial Opression

Racism is a barrier to everyone in our society having a fair and just opportunity for health.

Food Insecurity

If you need help getting food or want to learn more about food insecurity these resources can help.

Radical Self-Care

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Body Image and Body Liberation

Body image can impact our relationships with weight, food, healthcare, other people, and ourselves. We believe all bodies are worth and all bodies deserve respect.


Access your capacity to connect to and care for ourselves, others, and the planet. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention that draws us into seeing life more clearly and with greater compassion.

Positive Sexuality

Accept and respect your sexuality and the sexuality of others without judgment, shame, violence, or discrimination. Sexuality is a natural and important part of being human and encompasses gender, sexual orientation, healthy relationships, sexual behavior, reproduction, pleasure, intimacy, and more.

Sexual Violence Support and Advocacy

Campus Advocacy

Confidential support and advocacy for members of the UVM community by trained sexual violence advocates who have been impacted by sexual violence. 


We offer coaching, trainings, workshops, and other forms of programming for student clubs, teams, classes, Learning Communities, and more, as well as for faculty and staff. 

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