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Whether you're looking to develop a healthier pattern of use, want to take a break, join a recovery community, or something else, we offer a variety of programs, services, and resources-- all in an individualized, supportive, judgement-free space. 

Explore your use

BASICS is designed to help you explore your alcohol and drug use in a supportive and non-shaming environment.

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Find supports and resources to cut back or quit

We are here to help you (and your friends) cut back or quit nicotine, tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs whenever you are ready.

Resources to help cut back or quit 

Take a break

Taking a tolerance break from cannabis can help you recalibrate your relationship with this substance and save you money. This 21-day guide can lead you through the process.

T-Break Guide: Take a Break From Cannabis

Join UVM's recovery community

If you are in recovery from substance use, considering recovery, or taking a break the Catamount Recovery Program (CRP) can provide you with an affirming and supportive community. CRP helps reinforce and maintain your recovery through opportunities for community-building, housing, learning, and advising.

Catamount Recovery Program


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Tom Fontana, Alcohol, Cannabis, and Other Drugs Initiatives Manager

Michael Hill, Jr., Alcohol and Other Drugs Educator

Jan Shamberger, Behavioral Health Provider

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