Alcohol, Cannabis & Other Drugs Initiatives Manager

Tom Fontana (he/him) is the Alcohol, Cannabis, and Other Drugs Initiatives Manager for the University of Vermont.  He coordinates prevention, education, and the brief intervention model, BASICS, which is designed to assist students in exploring their relationship with substance use in a shame-free environment.  This provides the opportunity to talk with hundreds of students each year individually.  Additionally, Tom meets with student groups, including FSL and Athletics.  Tom is lucky to be part of an Alcohol, Cannabis and Other Drugs Team (ACOD), whose goal is education and transformation. (Education is for individuals, to support non-use and safe-use; Transformation is for groups and culture, to disrupt harm and misuse.)  When these aspects come together, meaningful change is possible.

Research and/or Creative Works

  • T-Break Guide: to help support you on a cannabis tolerance break

Awards and Recognition

  • Outstanding Ally Award - UVM Women's Center
  • Program of the Year, BASICS | FSL Collaboration - NASPA Region I
  • Program of the Year, BASICS | FSL Collaboration - Association of Fraternity & Sorority Advisors


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  • Masters of Counseling, University of Vermont
  • BA, St. Michael's College


Office Location:

Living Well, first floor of Davis Center