On Wednesday, November 7 in the Davis Center’s Mildred Livak Ballroom, couple Shari Galiardi and Dave “Hutch” Hutchison of Boone, NC, shared what they discovered when they said goodbye to their professional careers in higher education and their 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath house, and hit the road.  Going from 1650 to 72 square feet was a challenging downsize in which the couple found “Freedom in a Can.”  What started out as an expedition in 2012 has turned into a lifestyle.

As outdoor enthusiasts and advocates for sustainability, the couple has spent the past 6 years traveling 90,000+ miles across the country, visiting 49 states, over 75 national parks & monuments, and a few other countries.  Along the way, they visited old friends, made many new ones, found meaning through seasonal work and volunteer service, and have fallen in love with what makes our America great.  Their presentation included stories, advice, challenges, and images of the places they’ve visited.  They explained how living smaller helped them live larger, and give back, through their 4-4-4 model which allows them to volunteer for 4 months, travel for 4 months, and work for 4 months. 

The couple also held an Open House earlier in the day on the Bookstore Patio in front of the Davis Center, taking curious students and others inside for an up close tour.  For more information about the couple, visit their website at www.freedominacan.com.

This program was sponsored by the UVM Transportation Research Center and UVM Outdoor Programs.

PUBLISHED 11-09-2018