Dr. McRae presents on the educational continuum for ITS career development at a recent academic workshop in Tampa, FL, sponsored by the USDOT ITS PCB program and ITS America.

Dr. Glenn McRae was recently reappointed to a main member slot on the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Standing Committee on Transportation Education and Training (ABG20). The Committee works to improve communications among the academic community, the private and public sectors, and governmental agencies involved with academic training in the transportation field, and the development of improved educational and training programs at all academic levels and for professional and pre-college education. The committee is concerned with the present status of education in transportation, with new developments and innovations, with future personnel needs, and with professional training and development. Dr. McRae has presented regularly at committee sponsored sessions and worked with the committee to increase their engagement beyond TRB, helping to host virtual presentations and discussions with a national audience through a series of webinars in partnership with the National Network for the Transportation Workforce and the American Public Transportation Association. Dr. McRae directs an FHWA sponsored regional transportation workforce center, and a special initiative for the USDOT’s ITS professional capacity building program.

UVM TRC continues to be very active at TRB: co-director Lisa Aultman-Hall chairs the Committee on National Transportation Data and fellow co-director Mandar Dewoolkar is a member of the Standing Committee on Geotechnical Instrumentation and Modeling.  Each January multiple members of the TRC attend the TRB’s annual meeting, present multiple papers, and convene a dinner meeting with participating personnel from VTrans, and are joined by UVM transportation alumni from around the country.

PUBLISHED 4-17-2019